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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Those Sneaky Bastards!

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Okay, I don't use that kind of language very often, but I think this is one of those rare situations where it's called for. The Senate "hate crimes" bill (the so-called "Matthew Shepherd Law") is designed to make it illegal to criticize homosexuality. If a pastor tells his congregation that homosexuality is a sin, and somebody in his congregation later commits a crime against a homosexual, criminal charges can then be filed against the pastor for illegal hate speech. This effectively puts a muzzle on every priest, pastor and rabbi in the country. It intimidates religious leaders into silence on the issue of homosexuality, for fear of being prosecuted should they say what the Bible actually teaches on the matter. That folks, is exactly what the bill is designed to do. Prosecuting pastors for "hate speech" is just the icing on the cake for the bill's authors. What these demons were really after was the fear of intimidation. The objective is to shut down free speech, and religious liberty, when it comes to criticizing homosexuality. The leading Democrats in the Senate know this bill probably won't pass on it's own merit, so they're attempting to attach it to the Defense Reauthorization bill, effectively holding our troops overseas hostage to gay rights...
WASHINGTON, D.C., July 13, 2007 ( - Senate Democrats will hold US troops fighting the "War on Terror" as hostages in exchange for sweeping "hate crimes" legislation if the Senate votes this week, perhaps as early as Monday, to include it in the defense spending bill.

Instead of introducing the legislation giving sexual orientation "hate crimes" protection as a separate bill, Senators Ted Kennedy (D-MA) and Gordon Smith (R-OR) opted to introduce the "Matthew Shepard Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act" as one of hundreds of amendments to the Defense Reauthorization bill requested by President Bush.

"There's no question this is an attempt to sneak the bill in under the most shameful circumstances because they are attaching it to the defense of our military troops," Mat Staver, founder of the Liberty Counsel told

Sens. Kennedy and Smith's strategy, Staver said, forces the President into a terrible dilemma: President Bush must either approve "hate crimes" legislation or veto the entire spending bill thus leaving US troops fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan without new support and dwindling resources. Since the President has no line-item veto, approval of the defense bill is an all or nothing deal....

....Conservative groups have charged that "hate crimes" equals "thought crimes" and carries major implications for the religious freedom of Christians and other religious groups who preach homosexual behavior is intrinsically disordered and immoral. Such fears were confirmed when Rep. Artur Davis, a supporter of the bill, admitted that under this law a pastor could be charged with the crime of incitement if the he preached against homosexuality and a person in the congregation left church and committed a crime against a homosexual....

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