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Monday, July 2, 2007

US Episcopal Church Slips Into Total Apostasy

(The Christian Post): A Seattle priest has become a Muslim while also retaining her clergy status in the Episcopal Church. Her local bishop has described the development as “exciting.” "I look through Jesus and I see Allah,” explained the Rev. Ann Holmes Redding to the “Seattle Times”, which reported that Redding puts on her Islamic headscarf on Fridays and her clerical collar on Sundays. She has denounced Christianity as a "world religion of privilege.” But she still sees Jesus as her Savior, even if not divine, and plans to remain both a priest and an Episcopalian.

Bishop Vincent Warner of the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia told the Seattle Times that Redding’s embrace of Islam has not been controversial in his diocese. Redding, who has been a priest for over 20 years, announced her new joint religious affiliation in an interview with the Diocese of Olympia’s newspaper....

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Welcome to the wonderful world of "Chrislam" (my own coinage). In the Episcopal Church USA you can now be a Christian and a Muslim too! Better yet, you can be a female Muslim and a Christian priest all at the same time! Hey, if you want to, I suppose you can even be gay and trans-genedered as well. Wow! How's that for "progressive?" Really, this was all very predictable. What we're witnessing here is the fruit of Liberalism. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, Liberalism is a philosophy that is totally incompatible with Christianity. It will ALWAYS lead to apostasy -- eventually. You'll notice in the above story that Rev. Ann Holmes now denies the divinity of Christ, a cornerstone of Christian faith, and her bishop is just "peachy keen" with this idea. Some people may see this as just an aberration, but I see it as a trend. A lot more of this sort of thing will be happening within the Episcopal Church USA in the near future.