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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Why Television Producers and Hollywood Just Can't Get Enough Anti-Catholic Bigotry

(CNA): Catholic League president Bill Donohue is railing against the latest episode of the FX drama “Rescue Me,” in which Denis Leary’s character refers to the Pope as the biggest gangster on earth and a former nun has sex in a habit....

.....What kind of creative genius at FX is responsible for portraying an ex-nun having sex with her habit on?” Donohue continued. “Do they know of any ex-Muslim women who have sex wearing their hijab? For that matter, do they know of any imams who would make Al Capone look saintly?

“Why is it always us (Catholics)? Don’t these guys believe in diversity?” he said. “Or could it be that they know, deep down in their hearts, that we are the one, true religion? After all, that would account for their dismissive attitude toward all the other competitors.”

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Did Bill Donohue, president of The Catholic League, just hit the nail on the head? I guess when you look at it this way, it all kind of makes sense. Every time television and movie producers use this kind of anti-Catholic material (almost exclusively compared to other world religions), they unwittingly validate the Church's claim of being the only true religion. I guess it's sort of a back-handed complement when you really think about it - an unconscious nod these producers make, acknowledging all other religions as insignificant compared to the Roman Catholic Church. Though anti-Catholic "entertainment," like that mentioned above, may be infuriating to read, perhaps instead of getting mad, we should all write to these producers and thank them for validating our faith so effectively.