Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Democrats Attack Catholicism In Louisiana

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — A Louisiana Democratic Party ad accusing Republican candidate for governor Bobby Jindal of calling Protestants "scandalous, depraved, selfish and heretical" has prompted a firestorm of criticism and calls Tuesday from the GOP to take the ad off the air.

Political watchers questioned whether the ad went too far and whether it accurately reflects Jindal's writings on Catholicism. Republicans and the head of a national Catholic organization called the ad a smear campaign.

Democrats say the 30-second TV spot — running in heavily Protestant central and north Louisiana — simply explains Jindal's beliefs with his own words, using portions of Jindal's religious writings through the 1990s, before he was an elected official....

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: This is called "religion baiting" and it's disgusting. There is no excuse for it. In my opinion, this puts the Louisiana Democratic Party on the same level as the KKK. About seven years ago, a Republican presidential candidate (Senator John McCain) did this in his primary race with then Governor George W. Bush. McCain ran a telephone ad, in which Catholic households were called and told that Bush spoke at Bob Jones University -- a known anti-Catholic institution. He neglected to point out that virtually every Republican presidential candidate had spoken there for decades, and it was a regular stop on the Republican campaign circuit, along with stops at Catholic universities as well. It was at this point I lost all respect for John McCain, and I've never trusted him since. Back then I called him a menace to the American political process, and I meant it. I still think the same today. To my knowledge, John McCain has never renounced that telephone ad campaign, nor has he apologized to either Catholics or Protestants for his despicable behavior back in the 2000 primary elections.

Now the Louisiana Democrats are doing the same thing, only in reverse. They're running television ads that attack a Republican candidate for his Catholic views, smearing and twisting those views along the way, making them out to be an attack on Protestants, and running them exclusively in Protestant counties. They've really crossed the line on this one, and make what John McCain did pale in comparison. This is the lowest of the low, and it's a tactic reminiscent of the KKK smearing Catholic beliefs and statements to make it look like they're a threat to Protestants. I'm seriously thinking of buying a truckload of white hooded sheets and sending them by Fed-Ex to the state headquarters of the Louisiana Democratic Party. What a bunch of bigoted backwood losers!