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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Missouri First

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Raise Missouri's battle flag, because we're taking this state back! Yes, the flag you see above is the battle flag of the State of Missouri, used by the Missouri State Guard during the Civil War. Unofficially, it was Missouri's first state flag. Today, it belongs to all Missourians, especially those who love Missouri and believe in the preamble of the Missouri State Constitution...
We the people of Missouri, with profound reverence for the Supreme Ruler of the Universe, and grateful for His goodness, do establish this constitution. for the better government of the state.
God is officially recognized by our state's constitution, and we acknowledge his goodness. Missouri is a state founded on Christian principles. St. Louis is unofficially known as the "Rome of the West," due to its relatively high Catholic population (in comparison to the rest of the Southern Midwest), and its spectacular cathedral basilica downtown. It is fitting that one of America's most conservative archbishops, Raymond Burke, should preside over this particular archdiocese.

Today an evil threat looms over our beloved homeland. Liberal corporate forces, combined with allies in Jefferson City, have duped Missourians into ratifying Amendment 2 (The Human Cloning Initiative). This amendment WILL eventually be nullified in one way or another. Either it will be repealed outright, or else neutered by a future amendment defining cloning as "somatic cell nuclear transfer." Once that is done, the human cloning ban, under the same amendment, will take effect.

Make no mistake about it. The evil forces that brought Amendment 2 to Missouri voters were national and international in origin. Missouri was used as a experimental state, designed to become a model for bringing human cloning to other states. Once again, Missouri was betrayed by forces outside the state, working together with greedy scalawags inside the state. What Missouri needs right now, more than ever, is a resurgence in state patriotism.

A few years back I visited my aunt in South Carolina. I was absolutely amazed by how much pride people have in their state flag. It is a beautiful flag to be sure. But it wasn't just the design of the flag that seemed to excite people. It went much deeper than that. South Carolinians were proud to be South Carolinians, and display of that flag was a way of showing it. I saw a similar attitude among Texans when I visited their beautiful state. This same kind of state pride needs to be refreshed in Missouri.

'The Catholic Knight' would like to pose a challenge to all of his Missouri readers....
  1. First and foremost, join Missouri First, and educate yourself about our state, what it stands for, and its place in history. Membership is free.
  2. Second, renew your patriotism for our state. Yes, we are all familiar with American patriotism, but the founders of this nation were profoundly patriotic to their states as well. In fact, most of them considered themselves citizens and patriots of their respective states even BEFORE they were citizens and patriots of the USA. It all goes back to the "governance close to home" principle. The best government, is the government that is closest to the people, and there is no better example of that than our state governments. Besides, our federal government derives all of its powers from the consent of the states. That being the case, you could not have a "United States" without there first being individual "states" to loan their powers to the Union. Without individual states, there is no "United States." So you really can't be an American patriot, without first being a patriot to your home state. This is a fact that simply MUST be taught to our children. But it doesn't just apply to government. Patriotism also applies to the people, the land, the ideals and the history of a state. So 'The Catholic Knight' challenges you, to be a Missouri patriot, even before an American patriot, because in doing so, you will be fulfilling authentic American patriotism to the letter, according to the ideals of our nation's founding fathers.
  3. See the blue flag displayed above? It's the Missouri battle flag, and it is the first flag of Missouri. It was flown during the Civil War. It is not a confederate flag, though some people call it that. It is neither a confederate nor union flag. It's a distinctly Missouri flag, and that's how it should always be remembered. Right click on it to download it to your hard drive. Display it with pride on your blog or website. In addition, you can purchase this same battle flag here, and fly it on your property. (Personally, I fly both a Missouri battle flag, and a Vatican City-State flag on my property. It strikes up interesting conversation.) Let's make the Missouri battle flag a sign of solidarity for Missourians, who believe in state sovereignty and the Christian principles this state was founded upon.
  4. Lastly, let's work together to educate our fellow Missourians about our state, its history, and particularly the principles outlined on the Missouri First website.