Thursday, August 30, 2007

Missouri Strikes Back!

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: After a slim defeat for pro-life Missourians last November, the deceptively worded "Amendment 2" was passed by Missouri voters who mistakenly believed they were authorizing stem-cell cures. In actuality, they were authorizing the legalization and public funding of human cloning. Now patriotic pro-life Missourians are striking back with their own constitutional amendment proposal.

A coalition of concerned Missouri citizens, doctors, and academics today launched the "Cures Without Cloning" initiative to prohibit human cloning in Missouri. Dr. Lori Buffa, of St. Peters, Missouri, filed proposed ballot language with the Secretary of State's office this morning.

"The Missouri Constitution currently allows for human cloning. It allows for the same cloning method that created Dolly the Sheep," said Dr. Buffa, who serves as chair of CWC. "This initiative will ensure this dangerous, unproven, unnecessary practice is prohibited, and allow us to focus on safe research that leads to lifesaving cures and treatments."

The measure has already received an endorsement from the Missouri Right to Life and the Missouri Conference of Catholic Bishops. If you live in Missouri, click here to support this effort.