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Monday, August 13, 2007

Spain Prepares To Marginalize Catholic Church

....The socialist added that the Catholic Church must back down from criticism of its plan or suffer consequences. "If this new climate is not obtained in the next legislature," he wrote, "it will be necessary to address the topic of the actions and situation of the Church and establish a new status, that puts them in their place and that respects the autonomy of the civil authority."

The warning, made in the Spanish socialist newspaper "El Pais", followed on the heels of a speech by Spanish President Emelio Zapatero on July 22, who said, in defence of the Education for Citizenship program that, "no faith can impose itself on the law", a statement understood as a reference to the Church, and subsequently cited by Peces-Barba in his article. According to Spanish media sources, the ruling socialists are eager to make changes to the existing legal status of the Catholic Church in that country.....

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THE CATHOLIC CHURCH: The trend now exists on all continents of the world. Anti-Catholicism is taking shape worldwide. It is the so-called "progressives" (or liberals) who are driving it. In Australia, government officials are calling Catholic bishops into inquisition style hearings. In the United States, leading officials in the Democratic Party have threatened to tax the Catholic Church, as well as levy any other kind of sanction they can muster. Also, in the United States, Catholic charities have been driven out of business in liberal states due to laws requiring they embrace homosexuality. Furthermore, in the USA, legislation is currently pending in the US Congress to make criticism of homosexuality illegal, which would criminalize Catholic clergy simply for preaching Church doctrine. (President Bush has threatened to veto it.) In Canada, the Catholic clergy weave and dodge criminal prosecution for criticizing homosexuality. The same is true in various parts of Europe, and now Spain joins in the chorus of Anti-Catholicism over homosexuality. Venezuelan dictator, Hugo Chavez, attacks the Catholic Church regularly in his fascist rhetoric. In Africa and Asia, Muslims regularly assail the Catholic Church mercilessly, killing religious and laymen on a regular basis. In China the Catholic Church is controlled by the government, and "dissidents" to state control are thrown into prison. The list goes on and on. Not since the days of Stalin and Hitler has the Catholic Church seen so much persecution.

Let this be a warning to other Christians out there (Protestants, Evangelicals & Pentecostals). PREPARE FOR PERSECUTION! You're next!