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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Pope's Enemies Bubble To Surface

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: If Summorum Pontificum, the pope's motu proprio liberalizing usage of the 1962 Missal, can be likened to a rock thrown into a pond, then it's effect can be likened to the sediment and filth at the bottom being stirred up and bubbling to the surface.

The fact that liberals dislike (even distain) the Tridentine mass is no secret. The strict rubrics are far to constraining to those who would rather let it all hang out. The deep sense of reverence spawned in the laity during such liturgy must be disturbing to those who frown upon those who kneel while receiving the Eucharist, on the tongue no less -- "how dare they." But more than anything, the Tridentine mass has a way of showing just how intolerant the supposedly "tolerant" liberals of the Church really are.

Really, why should anyone feel threatened by those who just want to show their love and adoration toward the Eucharist in a way that Catholics have historically done for some 500 years? What could possibly be so threatening about that? Especially when nobody (not even the pope) has thus far asked any change of the majority of Catholics who celebrate the liturgy in the modern way. Where is the harm in making small accommodations for small groups who don't want to get in anybody else's way, and just do things as they've always done? Yet the "tolerant" liberals of today's post-modern Church have a way of dealing with traditional Catholics in the most intolerant way.

In less than a month since the implementation of Summorum Pontificum, indeed it's been less than ten days, we've seen a demonstration of open hostility toward the document, on the part of many clergy all around the world. Metaphorically speaking, the "rock" has plopped into the pond, and all the "sludge" is now bubbling to the surface.

I believe that traditional Catholics can take comfort in two things in light of these recent events.

First, the liturgical reform of the Church is underway. What the pope has done will not be reversed, no matter how much liberal Catholics may want it to be. In the months and years ahead, the liturgical reform of the Church will continue to sail forward, and as it does, more and more liberal Catholics (clergy and laity) will voice their outrage.

Second, every time a "tolerant" liberal voices his intolerance toward Summorum Pontificum, and the Tridentine liturgy, he publicly identifies himself in opposition to the pope and to the historic Tradition of the Catholic Church. In essence, he identifies himself (publicly) as an enemy to the pope and the liturgy. It couldn't possibly be more convenient to the Vatican. Up until now, the pope's enemies hid beneath the surface of a seemingly tranquil pool. Now stirred by the impact of the pope's motu proprio on the liturgy, they come to the surface kicking and screaming their disgust. All the Vatican needs to do now is take note of the names. Having blown their own cover, these dissidents now display their hostility in public, and thus open themselves up to disciplinary action later on.

As we are starting to see in California, it seems that a pattern is emerging. Those most hostile toward the ancient liturgy also happen to be those most prone to liturgical abuses in the modern liturgy. More than that, we're starting to discover that they also tend to be those with the most legal troubles in the sex-abuse scandal unfolding on the West Coast.