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Friday, October 5, 2007

Clinton & Giuliani Shun Catholic Vote

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: So far neither the Democratic nor Republican frontrunners for the 2008 presidential election are qualified to receive a single vote from a practicing Catholic. Both Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton and Republican frontrunner Rudy Giuliani are open supporters of abortion and gay marriage. Now Hillary Clinton has come out and promised that if elected president, she will fund scientific experimentation on human embryos (pre-born babies).

As it stands right now, a practicing Catholic cannot vote for either of the two major frontrunners without putting himself in mortal sin. If these two frontrunners become the Democratic and Republican nominees, than for the first time in recent memory, a practicing Catholic will not be able to vote for either of the two major candidates for president in the 2008 election. Which leaves practicing Catholics with no choice but to look for a third-party candidate to support.

Evangelical Protestants are now faced with the same dilemma, and their leaders have recently met in Utah to discus their options. According to sources present at the meeting, the animosity toward the two main parties was so thick "you could cut it with a knife." On the table was the realistic possibility of supporting a third-party candidate for president in 2008....
(The Christian Post) -- Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton said Thursday that if elected she would sign executive order reversing President Bush's restrictions on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research.

“I will lift the current ban on ethical stem cell research,” pledged the New York senator to the crowd at the Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington.

Although Bush did not ban stem cell research, per se, the president had issued an executive order in August 2001 to limit federal funding for research involving human embryonic stems cells to cell lines already in existence at the time....

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(AP) -- Republican Rudy Giuliani on Thursday brushed aside criticism from Roman Catholic Archbishop Raymond Burke who said he would deny Holy Communion to Giuliani and any other presidential candidate who supports abortion rights.

"I'm not running for religious office," Giuliani told reporters during a brief appearance at a coffee bar in a St. Louis suburb.

"I'm not going to debate the opinion of an archbishop of the Catholic Church or an official of the Protestant Church or a rabbi," Giuliani said. "That's an interpretation of religion. They're entitled to their interpretation of religion."

On Wednesday, Burke, the archbishop of St. Louis, was asked if he would deny Communion to Giuliani or any other presidential candidate who favors abortion rights.

"If any politician approached me and he'd been admonished not to present himself, I'd not give it," Burke told The Associated Press. "To me, you have to be certain a person realizes he is persisting in a serious public sin."...

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