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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Furious Catholics Demand Vatican Clean Up American Church

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( - The recent highly publicized photos and video of San Francisco Archbishop George Niederauer serving Communion to two flamboyantly dressed members of the ultra anti-Catholic "Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence" was no happenstance.

And soon they will be on their way to the Vatican for any who have not yet seen them.

"I am the gentleman responsible for the filming of the whole thing," Anthony Gonzales, chief of the St. Joseph's Men Society, told WND shortly after the first round of publicity over the photos and video. "I sent one of my men to film this.

"We knew he was going into this parish in the heart of the Castro Street Fair to celebration and be part of the celebration of their lifestyle, and we were waiting to see what he was going to do and how he was going to do it," Gonzales said.

And the reason?

"We can't even take our children to Mass anymore. We can't even go to our churches," he said. "We finally got to the point, and said, 'Hey, look, we can't take this anymore,'" he said....

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: "We can't even take our children to Mass anymore." That's what it's come to in some diocese in the United States. The pathetic apathy of the majority of US Catholic bishops has brought us to this.

First, Catholic Americans have had to endure three decades of doctrinal 'innovation' and liturgical abuse. High profile Catholic figures, from politicians to activists, were given communion freely in spite of their public advocacy of abortion and homosexuality. Many priests embraced political correctness. Many nuns became feminists. The historic traditions of the Church (such as the use of gregorian chant, Latin and the chapel veil for women, etc.), kept for thousands of years, were tossed aside like old rags. Our churches were renovated to look more 'Protestant' in appearance. The sacrament was moved to obscure places in some churches, no longer the center of the community's liturgical life. The new (Novus Ordo) mass was celebrated improperly and with a "defective" translation into English - according to the Vatican. Everywhere priests and bishops seemed to look toward the popular culture for inspiration, rather than the historic tradition of Holy Mother Church.

Next, Catholic Americans were forced to endure the worst sex scandal in the history of the Church. Granted, the mainstream media amplified the problem way beyond its reality. Nevertheless, the absolute incompetence, negligence and in some cases corruption, of so many of our US Catholic bishops is what made the American Church vulnerable to this kind of scandal in the first place. Today, the credibility of US Catholicism is shot! Our bishops (as a whole) have no credibility at all. Nobody takes them seriously anymore, not the laity, not the public, and certainly not the media or the government. Though the actual sex-abuse scandal was small in comparison to the kind of sex-abuse that goes on in America's public schools, Catholics in this country are still forced to endure the stares and whispers of non-Catholics who are convinced we molest our kids regularly.

Finally, the mother of all insults has come upon us. Our religion is openly ridiculed and desecrated during the very liturgy of the mass. In what is obviously a planned and premeditated display of public mockery, openly homosexual transvestites wear garb designed to imitate Catholic nuns and parade themselves down the communion line as if they were faithful Catholics. Assisted by apathetic accomplices in the clergy, they receive the sacrament of the Eucharist as if nothing were wrong. All of this is done in front of our children. What kind of message does that send to them? Children know that actions speak louder than words? What are we to tell them? How can we say that neither Christ nor his Church approve of these things, when these mockers receive the sacrament right in front of their impressionable eyes? What is left for us now? Shall we start keeping our children at home on Sundays, away from mass, for their own spiritual protection? Shall any of us go to mass anymore?

I wonder if such public mockery would be tolerated in a SSPX parish? Perhaps that is the only alternative left for faithful Catholics in America. All I know is this. There are a few bishops in the United States who would never tolerate this in their diocese, nor would they tolerate any of the other scandals I mentioned above. I tip my hat to them. But to those who do tolerate such things, I say shame on them! You know, there is more than one way to spiritually endanger a child.

So now it's come to this. Faithful Catholics have no recourse except to videotape the abuses they witness, and send them to the Vatican. Perhaps we should all do that.

The Catholic Knight proposes the following. From now on, everyone should bring a video camera to mass. Put it in a purse or keep it tucked away somehow. Should any liturgical abuse or heretical teaching manifest itself, pull out the trusty camcorder and start taping. Send a copy to your local bishop first, out of courtesy, describing the place and date the abuse occurred, giving him one week to respond. If you don't hear anything, or his actions don't meet your satisfaction, send a copy to the Vatican, along with the same description of time and place. Notify them that your local bishop was also sent a copy, and forward a copy of his unsatisfactory response, if he responded at all. Here is the address you need to send your tapes to the Vatican...
Cardinal Francis Arinze
Prefect - Congregation for Divine Worship
Piazza Pio XII, 10
Vatican City (Europe) 00120