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Sunday, October 21, 2007

GOP Will Nominate Huckabee For President

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: The GOP will nominate Governor Mike Huckabee for president in 2008 because it has to. Huckabee has won the overwhelming approval of the "Values Voters" coalition which met in a summit over the weekend. Governor Mit Romney came in a distant second, while Mayor Rudy Giuliani and former Senator Fred Thompson barely showed up on the radar screen. It's clear that the "Values Voters" favorite is Huckabee, and this presents a serious problem for the GOP, because the Republican candidate for president cannot win in the general election without the support of this key constituency.

So the GOP is now faced with just three possibilities. Though several candidates still remain in the race, just three have enough steam to see it through to the convention. They are Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Governor Mit Romney and now thanks to the Values Voters summit, Governor Mike Huckabee. The three possibilities for the GOP are...

  1. Nominate Giuliani, split the Republican vote, and insure a Hillary Clinton victory in the general election.

  2. Nominate Romney, get weak support from the Values Voters, and still risk the chance of a Hillary victory in the general election.

  3. Nominate Huckabee, get the full and energized support of Values Voters, and trounce Hillary Clinton in a landslide victory.

So now the question is what will the GOP do? Is it really interested in victory in 2008, or is it willing to concede the presidency to the Democratic front runner?

(The Christian Post) - The Baptist preacher from Arkansas who sprinkled his speech with southern jokes while standing his ground on moral issues won the support of over half the religious and cultural conservatives who voted at a key gathering this weekend.

Republican White House hopeful and former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee received 51.26 percent of the onsite votes in the Values Voter Summit’s straw poll compared to onsite runner-up Mitt Romney’s 10.40 percent, according to announcement Saturday....

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