Monday, October 29, 2007

Huckabee Surges in Polls - Becomes an Icon of Values Voters

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee (, continues to rise in national polls. The former governor of Arkansas knocked Mit Romney out of fourth place for the fourth straight day now, and continues to creep up point by point on Rasmussen's daily presidential tracking.

In the last week, Huckabee has become an icon of traditional conservatism and the frustrated Pro-Life movement within the Republican Party. Earlier this month, the Family Research Council (FRC) hosted a 'Values Voters Summit' in response to disappointment over the top tier candidates on the GOP short list. Huckabee ran away with the vote, gaining over 50% approval of those present at the meeting. Romney came in a distant second place with just 10% approval. Initial media reports tried to downplay the Huckabee victory by pointing out that Romney narrowly beat Huckabee in a second online poll of the Values Voters summit. However, the same media also failed to point out that online polls are widely viewed as notoriously inaccurate, don't often reflect the views of the supposed demographics they represent, and are frequently infiltrated by outside sources. Since the summit, Huckabee has maintained a steady and consistent rise in the national polls, while Romney struggles to hold on to his fifth place standing. As of Monday Huckabee is tied for third place with Senator John McCain at 13% approval on national polls. If Huckabee's national support continues to rise in the polls at its current rate, he will surpass front runners Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson in about a week.

A former baptist minister, Mike Huckabee has hit a chord that resonates with Evangelical Protestants and Pro-Life Catholics. "He not only talks the talk, but he also walks the walk" reported one Values Voter at the summit. Huckabee does have a strong Pro-Life record as governor of Arkansas which, unlike Romney's record as governor of Massachusetts, remained consistent throughout his term of office. Huckabee also supports the Federal Marriage Amendment, which if ratified, would protect civil marriage from homosexual activists seeking same-sex unions. These key issues are underpinned by Huckabee's support of the Fair-Tax (; a national federal tax overhaul, which if passed would eliminate the IRS, stop all federal withholdings, abolish the income tax, and bolster financial support to American families. Huckabee claims the Fair-Tax would give unprecedented (and much needed) tax relief to families with children at all income levels, and especially those at the lowest income levels. His claim is not without support. The Fair-Tax has been backed and endorsed by more Pro-Family organizations than any other in history. Huckabee also claims the Fair-Tax would restore a level of religious freedom this nation has not seen in nearly 100 years, as churches and synagogues would no longer have to worry about losing their tax-exempt status for addressing political issues from the pulpit. Again, Huckabee's claims seem to be supported by the very nature of the plan itself which eliminates all exemptions along with all income taxes.

Over the last week, Mike Huckabee has essentially become the symbol and icon of Evangelical Protestants and Pro-Life Catholics (Values Voters), as well as their influence in the GOP. No doubt Huckabee will continue to surge in support, and the Republican Party is faced with a serious problem if this candidate doesn't win the GOP nomination at the 2008 convention. However, based on this latest surge of support, it would appear that nomination is easily within his reach.