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Friday, October 12, 2007

Karl Keating On Latin Mass - "Many People Want The Pope To Fail"

From Karl Keating...
Dear Friend of Catholic Answers,

This summer Pope Benedict released a document allowing greater use of the old Latin Mass, but his intention was to improve the celebration of all Masses by encouraging a greater sense of the sacred. Now his document has taken effect, but there is still a big problem.

Many People Want the Pope to Fail!

Many so-called “liberal” Catholics have a virtual hatred for the Tridentine Mass—mainly because, as an Associated Press article stated . . .

“Liberal Catholics say the Pope’s decision shows that the Second Vatican Council was not the ‘break from the past’ that some view it as being.”

Well, let’s just set the record straight, shall we?

Vatican II was most certainly not the “break from the past” that some view it as being. The fact is, Vatican II did not repudiate sacred Tradition. It did not change, liberalize, or modernize Catholic doctrine. It merely created a new way of presenting Catholic truth to the world and how the Church relates to the world. Period.

Pope Benedict's goal is to revive the proper celebration of the Eucharist which, as he points out, is “at the root of every form of holiness” and “the source and summit of the Church’s life.”...

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