Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Liberal Catholics Show Their True Colors Again

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Below we have an example of Liberalism in its pristine glory. You see, Liberals typically think the world owes them. That's why they're Liberals. In this case, we see Liberal Catholics who think the Church owes them, and they'll go to any extreme to make that point. This event happened in Nicaragua, but it's not isolated to the third world. Here in the United States, members of the "rainbow sash" group (an openly homosexual lobby) frequently disrupt mass by presenting themselves for communion knowing full well they will be denied, and sometimes making a scene over it.

Personally, I think such stories (as the one below), are instructive because they demonstrate who Liberals really are, and how conceited they can become. To think, that one person (or a small group of people) would be so snobishly conceited as to disrupt an entire religious service, to the point of shutting it down, just so they can flaunt their own personal views over the prayers and meditations of those who are trying to worship in peace...
(CNA).- Just yesterday, feminists and pro-abortion supporters interrupted Mass at the Cathedral of Managua in Nicaragua and attempted to receive Holy Communion. When they were refused, according to church law, they reacted violently and forced the celebrant to end the Mass.

The decision by the celebrant, Father Bismark Conde, to deny them Communion bothered the women, some of whom are members of “Catholics for a Free Choice.” They remained in the church and demanded to receive the Eucharist....

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