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Monday, October 29, 2007

Tridentine Latin Mass Makes HUGE Comeback

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: As expected, the so-called "unpopular" and "archaic" Tridentine Latin Mass is making a HUGE comeback. Critics all over the western world, and especially in the United States, predicted the pope's recent motu proprio (Summorum Pontificum) liberalizing use of the "Extraordinary Form" of the mass would amount to little. In spite of the document's accompanying letter explaining otherwise, they told us the pope's action on this matter was aimed specifically at reconciling dissident traditionalists, and served no real purpose in the general Catholic population. The pope's critics were WRONG! Though they'll probably never admit it, the "Extraordinary" (Tridendtine) form of the mass is making a BIG comeback in the general Catholic population....
(The Washington Times) - Roman Catholic churches nationwide are rushing to accommodate a surge in demand for the traditional Latin Mass, which is drawing a surprising new crowd: young people.

Since July, when a decree from Pope Benedict XVI lifted decades-old restrictions on celebrating the Tridentine Mass, seven churches in the Washington metropolitan area have added the liturgy to their weekly Sunday schedules...

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