Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Why The 'Right' Hates Huckabee

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: It would seem the power-brokers in the Republican Party have an ax to grind against Mike Huckabee. Why? The following is an observation from My analysis will follow...

( - The Club for Growth slammed Huckabee for not taking the ATR "no tax" pledge, and based on this action, they suggested that Huckabee would raise taxes once President:

On January 28, 2007, Governor Huckabee refused to pledge not to raise taxes if elected President, first on Meet the Press and then at the National Review Conservative Summit. The evidence suggests that his commitment to protecting taxpayers evidenced in his early gubernatorial years may be a thing of the past.

Huckabee did eventually sign the pledge. The interesting thing is that Rudy, John McCain, and Fred have refused to sign this "no tax" pledge. Here is Grover Norquist's statement on Fred's hesitance to sign the pledge:

In an interview with The Hill last week, Norquist said he was led to believe by Thompson’s economic advisers that Thompson would sign the pledge.

"I think he will," Norquist said. "However, he did not sign the pledge when he was in the Senate."

Norquist added that Thompson’s hesitance to sign "makes me nervous."

Perhaps sensing that Thompson would rule out signing the pledge, Norquist said such a decision could come back to haunt Thompson’s campaign in conservative areas.

"If he decides not to [sign], it wouldn’t end his race tomorrow," Norquist said. "But over the next several months, I think it would be a tremendous drag on the ticket."

Did the Club for Growth ever mention that these three candidates have refused to sign the pledge? No. They are absolutely silent on the issue. Did the Club for Growth update their assessment of Huckabee to reflect the fact that Huckabee has signed the pledge? No. This one data point alone is evidence that the Club for Growth's information is both biased and outdated....

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So what's the deal? Why does the 'Club for Growth' have it out for Huckabee? I propose, and it is my opinion, that the 'Club for Growth's' actions (along with those of other Republican power-brokers), have more to do with Huckabee's legitimate Pro-Life record than anything else. You see, it is in the Republican Party's interest to keep abortion legal. Why? Because it serves as a good polarizing issue. It keeps the Values Voters distracted. The globalists in the GOP know Evangelical Protestants and Pro-Life Catholics would never sign on to the endless expansion of big government, the dissolution of our national boarders, and the creation of continental unions under a globalist trade agenda. So to elect globalist politicians, they need the abortion issue alive and well, to keep these conservative Christians in line -- voting in lockstep with the right. A globalist Republican only need to come out as "Pro-Life" (in spite of his record to the contrary), and promise to champion the cause. Values Voters jump on board the band-wagon, elect the globalist, (he fulfills some of the promises, but makes sure abortion is kept legal), and then carries out his globalist agenda. We only need look as far as our current president, George W. Bush, to see the plan in action.

Mike Huckabee stands out as a truly Pro-Life candidate on the Republican short-list, who really will do everything in his power to put an end to abortion in America. In my opinion, that's why they're attacking him unfairly, though his record on other conservative issues is no better (and no worse) than other front-running candidates. If he's elected president, and he's successful, it might bring about the demise of abortion in America. If that happens, it takes away the one polarizing issue that's kept globalists in power for the last 20+ years. I believe they would much rather accept a Hillary Clinton victory in 2008 than see that happen.