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Monday, November 12, 2007

California City To Revoke Free Speech For Christians

( - A proposal moving swiftly toward approval by the Oakland City Council would tell Christians and others who offer an alternative to abortion to "shut up," a public interest law firm says.

"If we assume there is a right to choice as it is alleged … if there is the right to choose an abortion, there must also be a right to choose birth," Cyrus Johnson, an attorney affiliated with Pacific Justice Institute, told WND after the council gave initial approval to a new speech restriction on pro-life protesters.

But Johnson said a new "bubble" law en route to passage by the council simply ignores free speech issues and clamps down on one side of the abortion argument.

"If reproductive rights include the right to choice, and one of those choices is abortion, then another one of those choices is to give birth," Johnson said. "If they claim, on the one hand, that the law guarantees the right to reproductive rights counseling on the matter of the choice of abortion, it must necessarily also include the right to receive counseling about another choice. This ordinance effectively wipes out that second alternative.

"It is saying some people can counsel but other people cannot counsel," he told WND. "It depends which side of the debate you're on."

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