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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Rebel Bishops Threaten Catholic Unity

(Telegraph) - The liberation of the Latin liturgy, the rapprochement with Eastern Orthodoxy, the absorption of former Anglicans - all these ambitions reflect Benedict's conviction that the Catholic Church must rediscover the liturgical treasure of Christian history to perform its most important task: worshipping God.

This conviction is shared by growing numbers of young Catholics, but not by the church politicians who have dominated the hierarchies of Europe for too long.

By failing to welcome the latest papal initiatives - or even to display any interest in them, beyond the narrow question of how their power is affected - the bishops of England and Wales have confirmed Benedict's low opinion of them.

Now he should replace them...

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: YES! Absolutely! If the current leadership of the Church (whether it be in England, Canada or the USA) will not support the pope's reforms, than they should be replaced -- immediately! In effect they are already in schism, and that makes them dangerous to the unity of the Church. One good thing these reforms have done is bring the rats out into the daylight where they can be easily seen and identified. All we can do now is hope and pray the pope is taking notes, and as soon as they've all exposed themselves, he takes decisive action to reign in these rebels - by relieving them of their duties.