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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Should We Abolish Marriage Entirely?

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: An anonymous commenter in the "Ron Paul Supports Gay-Marriage" thread said this...
My point is abolish civil marriage in its entirety

The Holy Scriptures tell us this...
1st Timothy 4:1-3a:
The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons. Such teachings come through hypocritical liars, whose consciences have been seared as with a hot iron. They forbid people to marry...

Could this prophecy be foretelling the very time we live in right now? Perhaps. Certainly what we see going on here is people buying into the notion that marriage plays no significant legal role in society, and therefore should be abolished. Such reasoning demonstrates that a growing number of people don't understand the purpose of civil-marriage at all.

Certainly civil-marriage is different from sacramental-marraige. But that doesn't mean that civil-marriage doesn't serve a purpose. There is a reason why governments issue marriage licenses. Civil-marriage is not a right. It's a privilege the government allows for a specific reason. That reason is to promote the stability of society.

Let's put religion aside for a moment and go with societal evolution. Human society has been around on this planet for about 10,000 years -- give or take a few thousand. During that time, human beings have learned that the lifestyle which promotes the most stable and well-adjusted children is the one in which children are raised by a single mother and father in one home. Those stable and well-adjusted children grow up to become stable and well-adjusted adults, who are productive members of society, and then in turn are most likely to go on and produce more stable and well-adjusted children in a similar type of family. Therefore, recognizing this FACT of societal evolution, governments seek to promote this behavior by offering special privileges to those willing to engage in it. Those special privileges are embodied in a civil contract called "marriage." When people are awarded that contract, they have privileges that other non-married couples don't have. This encourages people to engage in this kind of lifestyle, and that in turn produces the most stable and well-adjusted children for the next generation.

That is the purpose of civil-marriage. Can Christians live without it? Yes. Can the Church live without it? Yes. Can society live without it? Well, no, not for very long. You see, society needs civil marriage in order to function from one generation to the next. If we ban civil-marriage entirely, the sky will not fall. The world will not come crashing to a halt the next day. No. Everything will seem fine for a while. The damage will not happen right away. Rather, its something that will take decades to notice, but it will happen slowly. Society will implode on itself. Not today, not tomorrow, but eventually. When that happens, the Church will go on. The institutions of Christianity will survive, just like they did after the fall of Rome during the dark ages. But western society will be lost -- again.

When Christians stand against gay-marriage, or against abolishing marriage, they're trying to stop society from destroying itself. Oh sure, we practicing Christians can get along just fine without civil-marriage. Perhaps the Jews and Muslims will do just fine without it too. But as for the rest of society, which seems to be getting more and more secular, it will implode within a few generations. We'll lose it all; our institutions, our governments, our economy, and eventually our civility and peace. In time, we will all be replaced, for nature abhors a vacuum. We can hope and pray it is we Christians who thrive and eventually replace our current society with a new society based on Christian laws. Or else, if the secularists fear us, they can go ahead and persecute the Church to keep it repressed. Then, when our societal collapse finally comes about, we can look forward to the Muslims taking over.

Should we abolish civil-marriage? I guess if western civilization is ready to give up and surrender to eventual social anarchy, that would be one way to do it. Such a condition would take a while to reach, and it wouldn't last very long once we get there, but what follows may not be very desirable. I would argue that abolishing civil-marriage is probably not a very good idea.