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Thursday, November 8, 2007

US Congress Orders Churches To Hire Gays!

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Wake up America, the gay mafia now controls the US Congress. Under this bill (if it becomes law) the federal government could order YOUR CHURCH to hire openly homosexual people to it's administrative staff. In effect, the government would be putting gays in charge of our churches and para-church ministries....
(The Christian Post) - The House approved on Wednesday a bill that requires all employers, including Christian organizations, to not make hiring or firing decisions based on “sexual orientation.”

Representatives voted 235-184 to pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) or H.R. 3685, which adds “sexual orientation” to a list of federally protected classes under a 1964 act that prohibits job discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin.

Backed mostly by Democrats, the legislation was approved without the inclusion of an amendment that extends the same privileges to transgender people. Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.) decided to withdraw the amendment at the 11th hour in hopes of garnering more support for the bill...

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Yes, President Bush has promised to veto the bill, but how many of these "near misses" do we have left before this kind of legislation becomes the law of the land? Americans need to wake up and smell the coffee. The Democratic Party, and some liberal Republicans, are beholden to the special interest of gay lobbyists. There is only ONE solution to this problem, and our opportunity is coming in the November 2008 election. THROW THE BUMS OUT!


Anonymous said...

You tagged this under facism. Is that because your views are completely facist?
You're a christian living in America. You have it easy. But 1800 years ago, your people were killed for being who they are. Not only that, people CHOOSE to be christian. Sexual orientation is not a choice. I bet Catholic Knight would just as soon have us firing based on race, color, gender, and age.

The Catholic Knight said...

Dear Anonymous,

I have it listed under fascist because the pro-gay movement in America is fascist. It's homo-fascist.

Gays already have equal rights under the law, and it is already illegal to discriminate against them in housing and the public workplace. I think that's a pretty fair and equitable policy. But that's not good enough for the homo-fascist movement in America today. Now gays insist on being hired by churches under the penalty of fines and lawsuits if churches refuse to hire them. The homo-fascist movement is actively trying to shove the gay "lifestyle" down our throat, against the teachings of our religion.

It is the total and complete INTOLERANCE toward Christianity that makes the pro-gay movement fascist. Yes, nearly 2000 years ago, Christians were tortured and killed for their beliefs. But let us not forget who tortured and killed them. It was primarily the Roman Pagans, and the historical fact is that MOST of them were gay. Homosexuality was rampant in the Roman Empire during that time. Most of Rome's aristocracy was gay. Most of Rome's caesars openly displayed homosexual tendencies.

Though perhaps not the originator of the practice, the emperor Nero appears to have been the first Roman emperor to marry a male. According to Edward Gibbon, writing in 1776, of the first twelve emperors only Claudius was exclusively involved with women. All others took either boys or men as lovers. -- Wikipedia: Homosexuality in ancient Rome

It was this same aristocracy that wanted the Christians DEAD, and they worked very feverishly to make it happen. I suspect it won't be long now before history tries to repeat itself.

Sorry to burden you with some inconvenient historical facts, but you're the one who originally decided to bring the events of antiquity into this discussion. Thanks for setting the stage. I enjoyed the opportunity to educate you. I do hope it takes. Though in my experience most pro-gay activists simply dismiss any information that doesn't neatly fit into their preconceived template. Maybe you'll be different, but then again, maybe not. Whatever the case, I wish you peace.

Sincerely in His Majesty's service,

The Catholic Knight