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Thursday, December 27, 2007

How To Reform John Hagee and Cornerstone Church

ATTENTION: John Hagee has now apologized to Catholics, and the Catholic Church, for making these anti-Catholic accusations, and has recanted them entirely...
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A reader of 'The Catholic Knight' wrote the following...
"I truly believe that Huckabee isn't a bigot, but he needs to take the same stance that Bush did and apply pressure to Hagee to drop his views or forever renounce Hagee...

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Actually, that's our job. George W. Bush didn't get Bob Jones University to reform its racist student dating policy. That was the result of national media attention, and outrage from most Americans who believe such policies have no place anywhere. The administrative staff at Bob Jones University found themselves under the media microscope, and that combined with public outcry is what caused them to change their ways. It wasn't because G.W. Bush applied pressure. It was quite the opposite. It was because people just like you and I, millions of them, applied pressure.

The same can happen with John Hagee and Cornerstone Church, but it's not Mike Huckabee's place to do it. It's our job. As I said above, Evangelicals and Catholics concerned about this can work together to pressure John Hagee and Cornerstone Church. If what you need is a leader on religious issues, than don't look to a political candidate. Look to someone else. Better yet, I'll step up to the plate. I can't be your leader, but I can at least give you some direction. You want to put the screws to John Hagee? I'll show you how. You're going to have to put your money where your mouth is though and follow these steps...
  1. John Hagee's biggest crime against Catholics is telling people that Pope Pius XII cooperated with Hitler to exterminate the Jews. This is a bold-faced lie based entirely on 1960's communist propaganda. The first thing to do is go to and buy a copy of Rabbi David Dalin's book "The Myth of Hilter's Pope."
  2. Have that copy shipped directly to Cornerstone Church, care of Pastor John Hagee. Here's the address: 18755 Stone Oak Pkwy, San Antonio, TX 78258
  3. Send him a nice and respectful letter, explaining your reason for sending the book, and your disgust with his poor grasp of history. Remember, Christian charity is the key here. Jesus said they will know we're his disciples by the love we show. You can be firm, but you MUST show charity.
  4. Send a copy of your letter to CNN (here), FoxNews (here), and Drudge Report (here).
  5. Order a copy of the book for yourself and read it -- in case somebody asks you some questions.
  6. Leave a comment for us below, to let us know you did it, and to encourage others to do the same.
That's it folks! That's all you have to do. I guarantee if enough people do this, it WILL make a difference. (Just to let you know, 'The Catholic Knight' makes no financial gain from book sales on this action alert.) The time has come to stop complaining, and start doing something. 'The Catholic Knight' eagerly awaits your comments....