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Monday, December 3, 2007

Liberal "Cafeteria" Catholicism Produces Scandal - Part 1

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: It's impossible to deny it. The Liberal cultural Catholicism, spawned in the 1970s, and sometimes referred to as "Cafeteria Catholicism," has produced nothing but crisis and scandal in the Church.

The Church teaches that people with homosexual tendencies must resist temptation and pursue a chaste marital relationship with a member of the opposite sex. Or if a person with homosexual tendencies cannot do this, than the only option left is complete celibacy - (Catechism # 2359). The idea behind celibacy is the hope that a lack of sexual fulfillment will break one of the homosexual lifestyle, knowing full well that such a lifestyle is itself a form of God's judgement against the person in question.  If that lifestyle can be broken, then perhaps the person in question may be salvaged.

Liberals in the Church however didn't see anything particularly wrong with homosexuality, but in an effort to comply with canon law, they eventually started encouraging homosexual men to join the priesthood, and lesbian women to join religious convents. This "progressive" encouragement, like most liberal ideas, was based entirely in blind ignorance. Those who subscribed to it failed to understand the most basic nature of human sexuality, the result of man's fallen state, and the divine calling of religious life.

You see, people called to celibate religious life put their sexual needs on hold, not because they are so disordered the Church forbids their fulfillment, but because they have weighed the benefits of sacramental marriage to religious life, and found religious life more appealing. Such people must be spiritually mature enough to put their sexual needs on hold -- indefinitely. Such people truly need to be called by God to do this, because it's a commitment so intense that they're going to need God's help to fulfill it. If God Himself hasn't called them to this kind of life, it is not likely they will succeed.

Human sexuality is designed by God for a specific purpose. It is designed to propagate the species. It is designed to keep the human race going. God designed the human body with built in "rewards" for behaving in this necessary manor, so that human beings will "want" to reproduce. These built in "rewards" include pleasure, intimacy and warmth. The sacrament of marriage was designed specifically for two purposes and two purposes only -- to insure the healthy development of children, and to teach adults the true meaning of sacrificial love. All of this has to to with the propagation of the species. When you stop and think about it, if these "rewards" of pleasure, intimacy and warmth were not built into the human body, people would never bother to have sex. Without sex, there would be no children, and without children no need for marriage. Without marriage and children, learning sacrificial love would be a rare event indeed, perhaps something only a small elite might accomplish during a lifetime. The rest of us would be bound to a destiny of finding new ways to fulfill the need for pleasure.

You see the only reason why sex brings pleasure is because pleasure is needed to get people to do it. If they don't do it, the human race goes extinct. That's why God made the human body with this "built in" reward system. Only when we understand that can we begin to appreciate man's fallen nature, and it's effect on human sexuality. You see, sex is one of God's tools. It's part of his creative process. It is a means to an end, not an end in and of itself. God is interested in creation. Man is interested in pleasure. There is nothing wrong with that, so long as man understands that the pleasure of sex is a divine "reward" for doing what God wants you to do -- procreate. You don't have to procreate every time you have sex, because creation is ultimately God's business anyway, but you do have to be open to the possibility of procreation as a direct result of your sexual activity.

Throughout history man's sinful nature has sought ways to get the pleasure ("reward") of sex without giving God the opportunity to have what he wants -- procreation. All of mankind's sexually deviant history is about man trying to cheat God by getting the "reward" without having to deal with the responsibility. Mankind's quest to cheat God of His due has led to the most bizarre activity and strange perversions. One of those perversions is homosexuality.

The Holy Scriptures tell us that God is very accommodating to those who want to cheat him out of procreation. They tell us that God completely gives them over to their homosexual passions, allowing them to become addicted to them, in a kind of "orientation" in which those who participate crave nothing else - (Romans 1:26-28). In our own society, we have seen that this addiction becomes so powerful that many homosexuals actually believe they are born with it, and desperately try to convince everyone else of the same. But God has given them over to their passions for one reason, and one reason only. He is eliminating them. Or more specifically, he is allowing them to eliminate themselves. Homosexuals cannot procreate. Granted, there are strange manifestations of some homosexuals wanting children. These have been forced to either engage in some heterosexual acts to make it happen, or else they try to adopt children born from a different gene-pool. But make no mistake about it, they must step outside of their homosexual role in order to propagate their own gene-pool. For those capable of doing this, it only proves that they can put aside their homosexuality (at least temporarily) to behave as a heterosexual. Perhaps there is still some hope for these people. Perhaps God hasn't totally given up on them yet. But for those who have become so "gay" that it is too difficult to even do this, we can be certain that God is sending a genetic message to this group. That message is "you're finished." Their gene-pool stops with them. That without some repentance, and therefore some dabbling in heterosexual sex, their gift of procreation has essentially been revoked.

This is all in the physical realm. Obviously there are spiritual consequences to homosexuality that are far worse that the physical consequences. But that's another topic.

Liberal Catholics usually fail to understand any of this. As a result they encouraged homosexual men to join the priesthood, and that eventually led to the sexual abuse scandal in the U.S. Catholic Church. The homosexual identity is a bizarre perversion resulting from man's innate desire to cheat God, by getting sexual pleasure without the possibility of procreation. Now people try to do this all of the time, even Catholics, through various methods of artificial birth control. But the homosexual identity is a sign that the normal functions of the human brain, particularly the instinctive attraction toward members of the opposite gender for the purpose of procreation, have somehow been radically altered. The causes of this alternation, whether by nature or nurture, are irrelevant because the effect is the same. Transient homosexual behavior may simply be a sinful aberration, but a dedicated homosexual lifestyle is nothing less then the judgement of God. It's God's way of saying "I'm through with you" by giving them over to a passion that effectively ends any chance of a natural procreative process. Could such a person ever truly be an effective priest of God's sacraments? Could such a person ever be expected to maintain a vow of celibacy? Of course not! Yet liberal Catholics blindly believed they could -- or else they didn't care -- and as a result thousands of teenage boys were systematically molested in the Church all throughout the 1970s and 80s.