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Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas! England Now Catholic Again!

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Merry Christmas everyone! And with that joyous greeting comes some good news. The most practiced Christian religion in England is Catholicism again! This is something the British Isle has not seen in nearly 500 years, and for the first time in modern history, a Protestant nation has become Catholic again. Well, maybe not officially on paper, but who needs paper.

With the conversion on former Prime Minister Blair to Catholicism comes the news that Catholics now make up the majority of England's practicing Christians. Though all Christian religions (including Catholicism) have been on the decline in England for the last three decades, there appears to be a slowing trend in the English Catholic Church, with the possibility of a turn around in the near future, especially with the potential reemergence of the Anglican Rite should it be approved by the Vatican.
(CWN) - Blair's entry into the Catholic Church came just as the London Daily Telegraph confirmed that Catholics now outnumber Anglicans among England's regular worshippers. The Telegraph cited a survey that showed 861,000 Catholics attending Sunday Mass in England, and only 852,000 attending Anglican services....

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