Sunday, December 2, 2007

An Open Letter to All U.S. Evangelical & Protestant Voters


Dear Evangelical and Protestant brethren of the United States of America,

I speak not on behalf of the American Catholic community, but as a single voice from it. I wish to apologize to you for a scandal that has fully manifested itself in two consecutive presidential elections -- 2004 and 2008. I'm talking about two front-running candidates for the office of President. The first was Senator John Kerry in the 2004 election, and the second is Mayor Rudy Giuliani in the upcoming 2008 election. Both men are a national embarrassment to our Church and our religion. Their audacity to call themselves "Catholic" is only part of the problem. The real scandal exists within our own clerical hierarchy.

Both John Kerry and Rudy Giuliani are (unfortunately) Roman Catholics. They attend mass, and occasionally receive communion there. They both make no attempt to hide their Catholicism from public view (though I wish they would), because you see, neither of these men uphold the social teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

Both men favor "abortion rights," while the Catholic Church condemns abortion as murder, and incurs the penalty of automatic excommunication upon any Catholic who procures or participates in one. The Catholic Church also bars communion (a defacto excommunication) to any Catholic who publicly supports "abortion rights," and the Church also considers voting in favor of abortion laws a mortal sin. In spite of this, both John Kerry and Rudy Giuliani continue in their obstinate refusal to submit to Church teaching. To make matters worse, John Kerry seeks out weak priests who will give him communion, in spite of Church law that forbids him from receiving it. These men, and many other high-ranking Catholic politicians in our nation, have somehow managed to avoid formal excommunication for years, and because of that they have sent a clear signal to the laity that Catholics can freely oppose Church teaching on this matter with little to no consequences.

I wish to apologize to you Evangelical and Protestant brethren, because of the scandal these two men (and many other Catholics in our government) represent. They remain in the Church because many of our bishops are weak. By that I mean they fear left-wing reprisals within the media and within their own diocese, if they do the right thing. By "right thing" I mean an action nothing short than formal excommunication for men like John Kerry and Rudy Giuliani. It is scandalous that these two men are even able to legitimately call themselves "Catholic." I cannot begin to describe the level of embarrassment and humiliation it causes me, as a practicing Roman Catholic who adheres to Church teaching, to hear these men called "Catholic" in the news and to see them on television receiving communion as if nothing were wrong or out of the ordinary. So as a single voice from the U.S. Catholic community, I wish to say that I am sorry. I apologize for these men and other politicians like them. They represent the failures of the U.S. Catholic Church, especially its seeming inability to properly form the morality and conscience of men such as these. They also represent the inexcusable weakness of our U.S. Catholic bishops, who seem to be afraid to deal with the problem head-on, by excommunicating those in our own ranks who say it's "okay to murder." So I also apologize for our bishops as well, who's cowardice seems to only be rivaled by negligence, in allowing this situation to linger for so long.

So as a single voice from the U.S. Catholic Church, I apologize to my Evangelical and Protestant brethren, for the political situation we found ourselves in four years ago with John Kerry, and the current situation we find ourselves in today with Rudy Giuliani. There is no excuse for this, and our bishops are wrong for letting this happen. Please forgive us and the leadership of the U.S. Catholic Church.

I invite other Catholics to express their own sorrow over the current situation in the comments section below...