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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Tolerance Goes Both Ways

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Some of the worst perpetrators of intolerance are those who fancy themselves as advocates of tolerance. By that I mean specifically those in the homosexual activist community, particularly those known as the 'homofascists.'

In the name of 'tolerance' they attempt to FORCE churches to go against their religious teachings by hiring homosexuals as part of their ministry staff, and prosecuting clergy who mention their religious teaching on homosexuality.  (This is in reference to a particular bill that recently failed in the U.S. Congress.) In the name of 'tolerance' they degrade Christians, Muslims and Jews (labeling them as "bigots") for their religious beliefs on sexuality. In the name of 'tolerance' they openly mock Christian symbols, icons and traditions with bizarre sexual perversions under the guise of "art." In the name of 'tolerance' they infiltrate our congregations, mock our sacraments, and do everything within their power to get our members to disavow the teachings of our religion on sexuality. In the name of 'tolerance' these homofascists show the highest degree of intolerance toward Christians, Muslims, Jews and all people of faith.

Tolerance goes both ways. One would be hard pressed to find a mainstream church, synagogue or mosque in western society that calls for the open persecution of homosexuals. No mainstream Christian denomination advocates discrimination against gays in housing or the public workplace. Virtually every Christian denomination openly invites gay people to come into our churches and respectfully pray. This is tolerance. This is respect. Religions need not agree with, nor accommodate, the 'gay lifestyle' to be fair and respectful toward those who engage in it. Tolerance means respect. It doesn't mean agreeing with. Those who agree with each other don't need "tolerance" because they have nothing to "tolerate." They already agree, which means they are in harmony. Only people who are not in harmony need tolerance, and the Christian community has shown tremendous tolerance to the homosexual community in recent years.

If the homofascist movement truly wants tolerance, which they claim they do, than it's high time homosexual activists start showing some tolerance toward the religious beliefs of Christians, Jews and Muslims. It's high time homofascists leave people of faith alone, and allow us to believe what we want, and raise our children according to our beliefs, without harassment and without having to fear our own government due to prospective laws homofascists attempt to force upon us.

We supposedly live in a 'free society' where people are allowed to practice whatever religion they want, without harassment from government in any form. Let's see if homosexual activists can really shed their homofascist reputation and start paying organized religions the respect a free society demands. They certainly don't have to agree with what organized religion teaches about homosexuality, but at the same time they should respect the right of religious people to teach and believe it. Recently, as in the case of the failed Senate "hate crimes" bill, their actions leave a lot to be desired.