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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Liberals Playing The "Anti-Semite" Card Against Tridentine Mass

Pope Benedict's plans to revive the Latin Mass, which includes prayers for the conversion of Jews, is causing concern among Catholic and Jewish groups about relations between their faiths.

Religious commentators predict that Pope Benedict will issue authorization for wider use of the Mass - known as the Tridentine Mass - soon.

The Mass was celebrated for hundreds of years before being replaced by a liturgy celebrated in local languages, as part of reforms instigated after the Second Vatican Council in the 1960s.

The old wording has none of the Vatican Council thinking that reversed long-standing anti-Jewish views in the Church. Vatican II brought about a revolution in Catholic thinking, highlighting the ancient Jewish roots of Christianity and affirming God's love for the Jews.

Concern is now focused on traditional mass's Good Friday liturgy which contains a prayer "For the conversion of the Jews". The prayer reads:

"Let us pray also for the Jews, that the Lord our God may take the veil from their hearts and that they also may acknowledge our Lord Jesus Christ."

It refers to their "blindness" and prays for them to be "delivered from their darkness."

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Ridiculous as this sounds, it was all very predictable. Liberals (both inside and outside the Church) will stop at nothing to silence the Church's historic liturgy. They understand the principle that how one worships defines how he believes, and they understand that wherever the Tridentine mass is freely celebrated, a revival of Catholicism follows, with an increase in mass attendance and a rise in vocations. Already Traditional Catholic seminaries are bursting at the seems with candidates for the priesthood, while Traditional Catholic convents don't have enough room to accommodate novices seeking to join the sisters. That's why Tradition MUST be stopped -- as far as Liberals are concerned. It threatens everything they've worked so hard to accomplish, which is the weakening of the Catholic Church's role in the modern world.

The absurdity of the above BBC article is obvious to any Catholic who knows the liturgy, Traditional or Contemporary, as a prayer for the conversion of Jews is also contained in the New Mass on the Good Friday liturgy...
Let us pray for the Jewish people, the first to hear the word of God, that they may continue to grow in the love of his name and in faithfulness to his covenant. Almighty and eternal God, long ago you gave your promise to Abraham and his posterity, Listen to your Church as we pray that the people you first made your own may arrive at the fullness of redemption.

It's this last line that is most revealing. What does the Church mean when she says "the fullness of redemption." The Catechism of the Catholic Church has this to say about the "fullness of redemption..."

517 Christ's whole life is a mystery of redemption. Redemption comes to us above all through the blood of his cross, but this mystery is at work throughout Christ's entire life: -already in his Incarnation through which by becoming poor he enriches us with his poverty; - in his hidden life which by his submission atones for our disobedience; - in his word which purifies its hearers; - in his healings and exorcisms by which "he took our infirmities and bore our diseases"; - and in his Resurrection by which he justifies us.

573 Faith can therefore try to examine the circumstances of Jesus' death, faithfully handed on by the Gospels and illuminated by other historical sources, the better to understand the meaning of the Redemption.

587 If the Law and the Jerusalem Temple could be occasions of opposition to Jesus by Israel's religious authorities, his role in the redemption of sins, the divine work par excellence, was the true stumbling-block for them.

613 Christ's death is both the Paschal sacrifice that accomplishes the definitive redemption of men, through "the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world", and the sacrifice of the New Covenant, which restores man to communion with God by reconciling him to God through the "blood of the covenant, which was poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins".

The message of the Church is clear, though a little bit hidden, in the new Liturgy. In fact, the only difference between the new liturgy and the old is how boldly the fact is stated. The Church prays for the conversion of the Jewish people to Christianity -- period. Whether she does this boldly, as in the Tridentine mass, or diplomatically as in the Novus Ordo mass, the request is the same. But don't tell that to Liberals (either inside or outside the Church), who think the diplomatic language of the new (Novus Ordo) mass somehow cancels the teachings of the new Catechism and 2000 years of historic Church Tradition.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

A 'Motu Proprio' Theory

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: This is just one man's theory, but I've been thinking about why the pope would wait so long releasing the much anticipated motu proprio liberalizing the Tridentine mass. It has been reported that Pope Benedict has had the completed document on his desk since last November. It is well known that Cardinal Ratzinger was notorious taking his sweet time in signing various documents. It has also been theorized that the pope is stalling the release to allow himself more time to align the Vatican with staff more friendly to Tradition.

'The Catholic Knight' has his own theory. As time passes, the liberal "anti-Tradition" element in the Church is starting to get more bold -- forming an "anti-Tridentine" coalition. Meanwhile, those in favor of the Church's historic Tradition have made their views widely known in public statements and manifestos supporting the pope in this action. While all this is going on, the Vatican remains silent. Why? What is the Vatican doing? Perhaps the Vatican is simply taking notes. Perhaps the pope is using this time to allow the Church to polarize, with "pro-Tradition" Catholics making themselves plain to see, while "anti-Tradition" Catholics reveal their naked desire to abandon history, and remake Catholicism in their own image. All the while, the Vatican waits silently and takes notes. Who is who, and where do they stand? Perhaps taking down names, places, and what was said; there is no telling what a silent institution might be doing. But it is curious that the only thing we've heard about are minor leaks with no official announcements or press releases.

In American politics they call this "trial balloons," a name that's a little deceiving. There is nothing "trial" about them. When an administration plans to change policy, or make a new one, the decision is already made before the "trial balloon" is "floated." How the public reacts to the "trial balloon" will not change the administration's decision to implement the new policy, rather it simply changes how the administration will deal with (and suppress) the opposition. The idea being that a leak of the policy is made to the press, long before any official announcement. The press runs with it of course, and people start to react -- some positively and some negatively. It's the negative reaction the administration keeps their eye on, taking notes, and watching how arguments are formed. This allows the administration to formulate counter-punch answers to tough criticism long before the policy is ever announced. Which of course helps the administration to be prepared for the political resistance they'll receive once the policy is officially announced.

I almost wonder of the pope, and the Vatican, are doing something similar, but with far more reaching implications. In politics its all about rhetoric. But in ecclesiastical matters, with strict hierarchal orders, mere rhetoric can translated into resignations and "early retirements" very quickly. The Vatican's silence may be easily explained by simply saying the pope is floating his own "trial balloons" for the sole purpose of scanning the horizon to see where his trouble spots may be, and how he might quickly and effectively deal with them. That's just one man's theory anyway.

Friday, April 27, 2007

"Liberal" Anti-Catholicism On Display

The Philadelphia Inquirer published this cartoon by Tony Auth

If you'd like to share your feelings with this cartoonist, his email is:

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Democrats Sponsor Bill To Persecute Christians Here In America!

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: It's time to wake up folks. The Congressional Democrats have finally crossed the line and shown their true colors. In order to pander to their homosexual constituency, they are willing to sell the Constitution down the river, and pass a bill that authorizes GOVERNMENT CONTROL of churches and religious institutions. Yes, that's right. Congressional Democrats want to tell priests, rabbis, ministers and pastors what they're allowed to teach behind the pulpit, making it a crime for them to teach that homosexuality is a sin, or even to read various portions of the Bible that condemn homosexuality. This is the face of the new Democratic Party. It has become a party willing to sell out the religious freedoms of the American people -- all for a few votes from their gay constituents....

A fast-tracked congressional plan to add special protections for homosexuals to federal law would turn "thoughts, feelings, and beliefs" into criminal offenses and put Christians in the bull's-eye, according to opponents.

"H.R. 1592 is a discriminatory measure that criminalizes thoughts, feelings, and beliefs [and] has the potential of interfering with religious liberty and freedom of speech," according to a white paper submitted by Glen Lavy, of the Alliance Defense Fund.

"As James Jacobs and Kimberly Potter observed in Hate Crimes, Criminal Law, and Identity Politics, 'It would appear that the only additional purpose [for enhancing punishment of bias crimes] is to provide extra punishment based on the offender's politically incorrect opinions and viewpoints,'" said Lavy.

The proposal has been endorsed by majority Democrats on the committee, and already has 137 sponsors in the full House, making it possible it could be voted on in a matter of days or weeks...

...Secondly, it unfairly restricts the expression of fair opinion by Christians, he told WND. "If anything, gays are getting undue deference awarded to them by the courts. That's why we have the same-sex marriage fight and that kind of thing."

Rev. Louis Sheldon, director of the Traditional Values Coalition, which represents 43,000 churches across the nation, told WND that the Democrats sponsoring and supporting the issue "have sold out to the homosexual agenda."

He said churches need to awaken to the dangers of having pastors, lay leaders, or even those sitting in the pews sent to jail for their biblical views. "When they [realize they] could go to jail for preaching the Word of God, they'll be concerned," he told WND....

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mexico Falls -- God's Judgement to Follow

Pro-Abortion activists dressed as Roman Catholic clergy celebrate outside of the City Legislature in Mexico City, Tuesday April 24, 2007.

Mexico City Lawmakers Pass Abortion Bill

MEXICO CITY (AP) - Mexico City lawmakers voted to legalize abortion Tuesday, a decision likely to influence policies and health practices across Mexico and other parts of heavily Roman Catholic Latin America.

The proposal, approved 46-19, with one abstention, will take effect with the expected signing by the city's leftist mayor. Abortion opponents have already vowed to appeal the law to the Supreme Court, a move likely to extend the bitter and emotional debate in this predominantly Catholic nation.

"Decriminalizing abortion is a historic triumph, a triumph of the left," said city legislator Jorge Diaz Cuervo, a social democrat who voted for the bill. "Today, there is a new atmosphere in this city. It is the atmosphere of freedom."

Nationally, Mexico allows abortion only in cases of rape, severe birth defects or if the woman's life is at risk. Doctors sometimes refuse to perform the procedure even under those circumstances....

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: A sad day in North American history has come. Mexico City has returned to human sacrifice on par with the ancient Aztec civilization. The only difference is the deity worshipped. Like the United States government, the Mexico City government now offers human sacrifices to the gods of convenience, lust and wealth. We have all seen the result of America's cruel national idolatry. God has punished the United States with wars and terrorism. It would seem that so long as America's unborn remain unsafe, none of us can be assured of our safety -- yours truly included. Canada believes it has escaped this type of judgement, and perhaps it has so far, but like Europe the Canadian population is dwindling, and the government has no choice but to import immigrants (many from the Islamic world) to fill the nation's growing social welfare gap. So like Europe, the Canada we once knew is disappearing. Now that Mexico City has fallen to the gods of modern paganism, the only question that remains is how God will deal with Mexico City's crime against humanity. God's judgment is now certain, how He will exact it remains a mystery -- for now.

Gay Canada Targets Christian Schools for Persecution

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: It would behoove readers of "The Catholic Knight" to remember that many things which start in Canada eventually trickle their way down to the United States. Make no mistake about it, the Homosexual Movement is steadily moving toward persecuting Christianity to a level on par with Communism and Islam. Governments that cave into this movement, like Canada for example, are implicitly cooperating with such religious persecution....
Homosexual Activists Consider Targeting Private Christian Schools for "Homophobia"
Want provincial ministry of education to exert “more control" over curriculum and staff hiring

By Gudrun Schultz

OTTAWA, Ontario, February 27, 2007 ( - Ontario private schools are coming increasingly under the lens of homosexual activist groups for "homophobic" teaching stemming from the schools' primarily religious foundations, a report in Ottawa's homosexual news media indicated earlier this week.

In an article warning about the increasing trend toward private and religious schools in the province, Ottawa's Capital Xtra objected to religious schools that teach children "only their own values."

The article quotes Tony Lovink, a homosexual Christian teacher in the Ottawa public school system, as saying, "All private schools tend to be at least implicitly homophobic. And I would say all religiously formed independent schools are definitely homophobic."

read full story here

Monday, April 23, 2007

"Gay Marriage is Evil, Abortion is Terrorism" -- Pope Benedict's Vatican Takes Shape

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - The Vatican's second-highest ranking doctrinal official on Monday forcefully branded homosexual marriage an evil and denounced abortion and euthanasia as forms of "terrorism with a human face."

The attack by Archbishop Angelo Amato, secretary of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, was the latest in a string of speeches made by either Pope Benedict or other Vatican officials as Italy considers giving more rights to gays...

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

American News Media Prevents Reform of Islam - Helps Extremists

The American press is so encumbered by political correctness and ignorant of Islamic doctrine that it is allowing extremist Muslims in this country to mask a hard-core ideology in minority politics. So says M. Zuhdi Jasser, a moderate American Muslim leader.

This pandering on the part of the American press (I would add international as well), is preventing the emergence of a pan-Islamic consensus to marginalize extremists like Osama bin Laden, Jasser argues. Instead, the reverse happens--criticism of Islamists gets suppressed by naive liberals who misguidedly think it's racist...

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Yet More Evidence Vindicates Pope Pius XII

Directive from Pius XII ordered shelter for Rome's Jews

Apr. 19, 2007 ( - The Vatican has confirmed the existence of a directive from Pope Pius XII, asking Catholic clergy and religious to shelter Jews from the Holocaust.

Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone (bio - news), the Vatican Secretary of State, acknowledged in short April 19 announcement that Pope Pius XII issued instructions for all religious institutions to open their doors to Jewish people. The catacombs of Rome were also made available for shelter....

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: You know somebody's got to ask the tough questions, and since nobody else is, the Catholic Knight will take it upon himself. Now that it's been established the myth of "Hitler's Pope" is a complete fabrication invented by the Soviet KGB during the Cold War, what does that say of those who promoted this myth?

John Cornwell authored the infamous book "Hitler's Pope," which explores the charge that Pope Pius XII assisted in the legitimization of Hitler's Nazi regime. The question is this. Is Mr. Cornwell a communist? That's what we need to know.

Wherever you are Mr. John Cornwell, (author of "Hitler's Pope"), answer us this one question please. Are you, or have you ever been, sympathetic to Marxism and/or the Communist Party? It's an honest question Mr. Cornwell, and a perfectly legitimate one, since it would seem the premise of your book was originally manufactured by the KGB. Please note Mr. Cornwell, I never actually called you a communist, I'm just asking if you are one.

Democrats Go On Record -- They WANT Partial-Birth Abortion Back!

Senator Hillary Clinton:
"This decision marks a dramatic departure from four decades of Supreme Court rulings that upheld a woman's right to choose and recognized the importance of women's health. Today's decision blatantly defies the Court's recent decision in 2000 striking down a state partial-birth abortion law because of its failure to provide an exception for the health of the mother. As the Supreme Court recognized in Roe v. Wade in 1973, this issue is complex and highly personal; the rights and lives of women must be taken into account. It is precisely this erosion of our constitutional rights that I warned against when I opposed the nominations of Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Alito."

Senator Barack Obama:
"I strongly disagree with today's Supreme Court ruling, which dramatically departs from previous precedents safeguarding the health of pregnant women. As Justice Ginsburg emphasized in her dissenting opinion, this ruling signals an alarming willingness on the part of the conservative majority to disregard its prior rulings respecting a woman's medical concerns and the very personal decisions between a doctor and patient. I am extremely concerned that this ruling will embolden state legislatures to enact further measures to restrict a woman's right to choose, and that the conservative Supreme Court justices will look for other opportunities to erode Roe v. Wade, which is established federal law and a matter of equal rights for women."

Senator John Edwards:
"I could not disagree more strongly with today's Supreme Court decision. The ban upheld by the Court is an ill-considered and sweeping prohibition that does not even take account for serious threats to the health of individual women. This hard right turn is a stark reminder of why Democrats cannot afford to lose the 2008 election. Too much is at stake - starting with, as the Court made all too clear today, a woman's right to choose."

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


U.S. Supreme Court upholds partial-birth abortion ban
Pro-life leaders praise court's decision

Washington DC, Apr 18, 2007 / 11:18 am (CNA).- In a stunning victory for life, the Supreme Court of the United States today upheld a 2003 law passed by Congress and signed by President George W. Bush, which bans the procedure known as partial-birth abortion.

In a 5-4 decision the justices ruled that the 2003 law does not violate a woman’s right to procure an abortion and, as such, is in line with the court’s precedent set by 1973 decision in Row v. Wade.

The opponents of the act "have not demonstrated that the Act would be unconstitutional in a large fraction of relevant cases," Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote in the majority opinion.

The court accepted arguments on behalf of the legislation which claimed that the procedure, which involves partially removing the child then crushing or cutting its skull, qualifies as infanticide and not as abortion...

read full story here

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Praise the Lord! We have a victory. Now I have just two words that every pro-life person MUST drill into his head -- "relentless incrementalism." If you've never heard the phrase before, look it up. That's the recipe for victory in this country. This is how things work in the United States of America. Our enemies have been using it on us for decades. Now we have a chance to turn the tables.

For the benefit of my readers, let me recap the last thirteen years. In 1993 this simple victory was impossible. The "Culture of Death" Democrats controlled the Whitehouse and Congress, while Anti-Life Liberals stacked the US Supreme Court. Then in 1994, Pro-Life voters elected a new Republican majority in the Congress. Nothing happened for a while, because the Democratic President (Bill Clinton) was part of the Culture of Death. However, in the 2000 election, Pro-Life voters put President George W. Bush in the whitehouse. These two actions together, both in 1994 and 2000, paved the way for what would come next. In 2004 President Bush was re-elected by Pro-Life voters, and shortly thereafter, two Supreme Court vacancies opened. Bush appointed one solid Pro-Life Catholic (John Roberts) to the the Chief Justice slot. He then tried to appoint a buddy of his (Harriet Miers) to the second vacancy, but Pro-Life voters held his feet to the fire and wouldn't let him do it. So as a result, he put another solid Pro-Life Catholic (Samuel Alito) to the bench. Both Roberts and Alito were confirmed to their positions by the Republican Congress which Pro-Life voters had put into power a decade earlier. Then a year later, this decision is handed down, and Pro-Life voters have tasted their first real victory since the movement began.

The long-term actions of Pro-Life voters, practicing "relentless incrementalism," is what brought this about. It's a start, and a step on the right path toward turning this nation around for the better. Right now, we've taken a step backward by allowing "culture of death" Democrats to return to power in the Congress, but it's a mistake that can be fixed in 2008. If Catholic voters will just vote Pro-Life, (political party doesn't matter) for President and Congress, we can make this victory the first in a string. In order to get more Supreme Court Justices on our side, we need Pro-Life candidates in both the Whitehouse and the Congress. Political Party doesn't matter anymore. What matters is how politicians stand on LIFE -- particularly unborn human life. If we remember anything in 2008, let us remember that.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Late Great United States - America's Decline Underway

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: A sign of things to come?...
Dollar Loses Ground to Euro and Pound As Tourist Season Approaches

NEW YORK (AP) -- The dollar hovered near a record low Monday against the euro after the 13-nation currency climbed to within 1 cent of its all-time high, while the pound backed down from a 14-year record.

Currency traders now turn their eyes in the coming days to economic data that could further the pound's rally. Key inflation figures from the U.S. and Britain due out Tuesday will be followed Wednesday by the minutes from the Bank of England's last meeting on interest rates.

The data could increase the risk of a British rate hike while worries about sluggish economic growth in the U.S. persist.

Higher interest rates, used to combat inflation, can bolster a currency by making certain types of investments more attractive.

Movement against the dollar could drive up the price of exports and tighten the pinch for travelers to Europe just as the tourist season approaches.

Supported by crackling economic growth, falling jobless figures and interest rates much lower than those in Britain and the United States, the euro bought $1.3549 in late New York trading after climbing to $1.3576 -- its highest point since January 2005 and near its December 2004 record of $1.3667.

It traded at $1.3539 late Friday...

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British Pound Breaks Through $2 for 1st Time in Nearly 15 Years on Surge in Inflation

LONDON (AP) -- The British pound broke through the $2 mark on Tuesday for the first time in nearly 15 years after new data showed an unexpected surge in inflation, prompting speculation of interest rate increases.

Because of the pound's appreciation over the past few months, a Big Mac sandwich at a McDonald's restaurant in London now costs the equivalent of about $4, and a pint of beer at a local pub costs more than $5.

The pound was at its highest level since "Black Wednesday" in September 1992, when Britain crashed out of the European Exchange Rate Mechanism.

After initially retreating back below the psychological $2 mark, the currency spiked again to $2.0071 as the dollar retreated following the release of U.S. inflation data showing the core prices rose less than expected last month.

In afternoon European trading, the pound was at $2.0064 -- up from $1.9900 late Monday in New York.

"We believe that sterling could well remain above $2 for an extended period," said Howard Archer, chief economist at Global Insight...

read full story here

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: In my recent post "War of the Worlds" I pointed out how God uses the Biblical example of chastising civilizations through wars and civil unrest. Based on this assumption, it is clear our Lord is doing just that with western civilization, and the United States in particular. The tragic events of 9/11/2001, followed by America's subsequent wars in the middle east, have left the United States shellshocked, with voters ushering into power the peacenik appeasers of the Democratic Party in 2006, effectively neutering and already emasculated Republican president after years of military blunders and internal scandal. For those who believe God deals with nations according to their deeds, America is getting the government she deserves, as is the case with all democratically controlled countries. America's political and military primacy is threatened, and in danger of serious compromise.

Now we see the early stages of economic collapse. The value of the dollar has been decreasing for decades, however, this devaluation has usually coincided with the deflation of other world currencies along side it. Not so anymore; the American dollar is spiraling downward against European currencies, while the EU gradually takes its place as the world's emerging economic leader. It many not be long now before the US dollar slides in relation to other world currencies as well. Slowly and gradually, our money is becoming worthless.

Black & Ex-Gay Leaders Unite Against Federal 'Hate Crimes' Act

Representatives of Exodus International, the world's largest outreach to those dealing with unwanted same-sex attraction, will host a press conference at the National Press Club next Tuesday, April 17, to discuss how federal "hate crimes" legislation threatens the constitutional rights of all Americans. Exodus delegates from around the country will be joined by notable African American leaders such as Kenneth Blackwell, former NFL linebacker Dr. Ken "Hutch" Hutcherson and civil rights leader Rev. Bill Owens who will address how this legislation is an offense to the African American community and an affront to the religious community.

H.R. 1592, the "Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2007," will grant protected class status to "sexual orientation" and "gender identity," mandate unequal protection under the law and will pave the way for the criminalization of thoughts and religious beliefs contrary to politically correct ideology. The House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security will hold a hearing on H.R. 1592 next week. A full House vote is expected by the end of this month. Today, Senator Kennedy also introduced a companion bill in the Senate...

read full story here

Monday, April 16, 2007

Pope Prepares To 'Pull The Weeds' From God's Vineyard

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Something big is brewing at the Vatican, and rumor has it that Pope Benedict XVI is ready to carve his place in history. 'The humble worker in God's vineyard' is about to do some pruning, and the weeds my soon be plucked. The man who was Ratzinger is back, and as we learn the details of his agenda, we find that he never left us to begin with. He simply prepared his strategy with careful patience.

As rumors come closer to reality, liberals fret and do what they do best -- complain. This excerpt from 'Time Magazine' perfectly illustrates. I must confess, that when I read such frustrated disappointment from liberal rags like this, my day gets just a little bit brighter...
Eighteen months ago, one Rome-based, progressive cleric had said he was "surprised to see that [Benedict] seems to be open to hear new ideas." But today, the same priest is disappointed. There has been no sign of any of the hoped-for reforms: overturning the ban on communion for divorced and remarried Catholics, reconsidering the celibacy requirement for priests, allowing gays in seminaries, or a softening of the condom ban to allow for distribution in AIDS-ravaged Africa. The release last month of the Pope's final document on what had seemed to be a convivial and intellectually open October 2005 bishops' meeting on the Eucharist is a good example of the Pontiff's approach. According to a senior Church official who participated: "He took all that debate of the Synod, and then gave us a document that simply defends the status quo." This same official acknowledges a bit of past excessive optimism on Benedict: "People were hoping that with his intellectual acumen and understanding of theology, he'd be in a position to make some of these changes. Unfortunately, at this point, I don't think we'll see any of them."


Feast of Mercy

During the course of Jesus' revelations to Saint Faustina on the Divine Mercy He asked on numerous occasions that a feast day be dedicated to the Divine Mercy and that this feast be celebrated on the Sunday after Easter. The liturgical texts of that day, the 2nd Sunday of Easter, concern the institution of the Sacrament of Penance, the Tribunal of the Divine Mercy, and are thus already suited to the request of Our Lord. This Feast, which had already been granted to the nation of Poland and been celebrated within Vatican City, was granted to the Universal Church by Pope John Paul II on the occasion of the canonization of Sr. Faustina on 30 April 2000. In a decree dated 23 May 2000, the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments stated that "throughout the world the Second Sunday of Easter will receive the name Divine Mercy Sunday, a perennial invitation to the Christian world to face, with confidence in divine benevolence, the difficulties and trials that mankind will experience in the years to come." These papal acts represent the highest endorsement that the Church can give to a private revelation, an act of papal infallibility proclaiming the certain sanctity of the mystic, and the granting of a universal feast, as requested by Our Lord to St. Faustina.

Concerning the Feast of Mercy Jesus said:
  • Whoever approaches the Fountain of Life on this day will be granted complete forgiveness of sins and punishment. (Diary 300)
  • I want the image solemnly blessed on the first Sunday after Easter, and I want it to be venerated publicly so that every soul may know about it. (Diary 341)
  • This Feast emerged from the very depths of My mercy, and it is confirmed in the vast depths of my tender mercies. (Diary 420)
  • On one occasion, I heard these words: My daughter, tell the whole world about My Inconceivable mercy. I desire that the Feast of Mercy be a refuge and shelter for all souls, and especially for poor sinners. On that day the very depths of My tender mercy are open. I pour out a whole ocean of graces upon those souls who approach the fount of My mercy. The soul that will go to Confession and receive Holy Communion shall obtain complete forgiveness of sins and punishment.* [our emphasis] On that day all the divine floodgates through which grace flow are opened. Let no soul fear to draw near to Me, even though its sins be as scarlet. My mercy is so great that no mind, be it of man or of angel, will be able to fathom it throughout all eternity. Everything that exists has come forth from the very depths of My most tender mercy. Every soul in its relation to Me will I contemplate My love and mercy throughout eternity. The Feast of Mercy emerged from My very depths of tenderness. It is My desire that it be solemnly celebrated on the first Sunday after Easter. Mankind will not have peace until it turns to the Fount of My Mercy. (Diary 699)
  • Yes, the first Sunday after Easter is the Feast of Mercy, but there must also be deeds of mercy, which are to arise out of love for Me. You are to show mercy to our neighbors always and everywhere. You must not shrink from this or try to absolve yourself from it. (Diary 742)
  • I want to grant complete pardon to the souls that will go to Confession and receive Holy Communion on the Feast of My mercy. (Diary 1109)
As you can see the Lord's desire for the Feast includes the solemn, public veneration of the Image of Divine Mercy by the Church, as well as personal acts of veneration and mercy. The great promise for the individual soul is that a devotional act of sacramental penance and Communion will obtain for that soul the plenitude of the divine mercy on the Feast.

*The Cardinal of Krakow, Cardinal Macharski, whose diocese is the center of the spread of the devotion and the sponsor of the Cause of Sr. Faustina, has written that we should use Lent as preparation for the Feast and confess even before Holy Week! So, it is clear that the confessional requirement does not have to be met on the Feast itself. That would be an impossible burden for the clergy if it did. The Communion requirement is easily met that day, however, since it is a day of obligation, being Sunday. We would only need confession again, if received earlier in Lenten or Easter Season, if we were in the state of mortal sin on the Feast.

Diary, Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska, Divine Mercy in My Soul (c) 1987 Congregation of Marians of the Immaculate Conception, Stockbridge, MA 01263. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


Friday, April 13, 2007

Faith in Politics - The Cafeteria is Closed!

Washington DC, Apr 13, 2007 / 02:51 pm (CNA).- United States’ President George W. Bush spoke this morning at the annual National Catholic Prayer Breakfast, at Washington’s Hilton Hotel, telling the crowd of Catholic faithful that the “promise of America” is in need of renewal and that such a renewal will come through a greater respect for human life and an active hand from religious groups.

“Our Declaration of Independence states that our freedom rests on self-evident truths about the dignity of the human person,” the president said. “Throughout our nation's history, Catholic Americans have embraced, sustained, and given their lives to defend these truths.”

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WASHINGTON DC, Apr 13, 2007 (CNA) .- During the 4th National Catholic Prayer breakfast, both the Apostolic Nuncio to the United States, Archbishop Pietro Sambi, and the Archbishop of Washington DC, Donald Wuerl, stressed the need to bring a strong Catholic witness to the public square.

The event, held at the Washington Hilton, gathered more than 2,500 Catholics, including such Bishops Paul Loverde of Arlington, Virginia and Robert Morlino of Madison, Wisconsin. Also in attendance were Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito, Secretary of Veterans Affairs Jim Nicholson, and Congressman Chris Smith (R-NJ).

“Catholics need three things to provide an effective witness to their faiths in the Catholic square,” Archbishop Sambi said. “Catholics in the US need first and foremost, a clear identity of who they are.”

“Second, they need a strong sense of belonging… belonging to a community that nurtures and supports all its members,” the Apostolic Nuncio continued.

“Third, they need certain exceptional qualities: exceptional spiritual, personal, family and community qualities because, being a minority, they have to make an impact based on excellence more than numbers.”

The Archbishop of Washington started his speech recalling that the United Stated was founded by persons who believed in personal freedom, but also in “the sovereignty of God and God’s law in our personal and societal life....

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WASHINGTON – With the nation facing an increased threat from nuclear terrorism, at least one community is rebuilding a public fallout shelter program like those abandoned in the 1970s when Americans began believing surviving a nuclear event was not possible or not worthwhile.

In Alabama, the Huntsville-Madison County Emergency Management Agency, in cooperation with the Department of Homeland Security, local schools and hospitals and businesses, has identified facilities suitable for public shelters against nuclear and radiological attacks for nearly half of the area's 300,000 people.

Spending only tens of thousands of dollars, the agency has successfully trained 78 shelter managers and is in the process of attempting to identify and secure more facilities to protect the public from the effects of radiation following a nuclear event.

"Beyond identifying usable shelters, the community must be properly trained for operating a shelter," says Kirk Paradise, plans coordinator for the Huntsville/Madison County Emergency Management Agency. "In our study, we outline a command and support organizational chart vital to successful shelter operation. This training can easily be implemented into a citizen emergency response training course."

The agency also is awaiting grants for the installation of the once-familiar fallout shelter signs that would guide the public to the nearest facility in the event of a nuclear accident or attack....

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'Lost Tomb of Jesus' is Losing Scholarly Support

Abuja, Apr 13, 2007 / 11:03 am (CNA).- Several prominent scholars, who were featured in interviews in the controversial documentary Lost Tomb of Jesus, have now revised their statements, reported The Jerusalem Post.

The film argues that 10 ancient ossuaries discovered in southeastern residential Jerusalem neighborhood of Talpiot in 1980 contained the bones of Jesus and his family. The filmmakers attempted to explain some of the inscriptions on the ossuaries by suggesting that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene, and that the couple had a son, named Judah.

The most astounding revision is that of University of Toronto statistician Andrey Feuerverger, who provided statements that supported the central point of the film.

Feuerverger stated in the film that the odds are 600 to one in favor of the tomb being the family burial cave of Jesus of Nazareth. He now says these figures referred to the probability of a cluster of such names appearing together.

According to The Jerusalem Post, this conclusion has now been changed on the Discovery Channel website to read: "It is unlikely that an equally surprising cluster of names would have arisen by chance under purely random sampling."

The scholars’ revised statements are recorded in the 16-page paper titled "Cracks in the Foundation: How the Lost Tomb of Jesus story is losing its scholarly support"...

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Southern Baptists Targeted for Next Sex-Abuse Scandal

....SNAP stated last month that it still stands by its claim that Southern Baptist officials are "unresponsive" to the issue.

"Southern Baptist officials are unresponsive to the serious problem of clergy sex abuse,” the network stated, “and contrary to their recent misleading comments, SNAP stands by that claim."

According to the network, about 40 cases, some dating years back, of sexual abuse by Southern Baptist ministers have been reported over the last six months....

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US Senate Votes for Human Guinea Pigs

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: There is no doubt in what direction this (Democratic controlled) Congress would take us. I wonder what's next on their agenda of death?

WASHINGTON DC, Apr 12, 2007 (CNA) .- An official with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) along with numerous pro-life groups have reacted to yesterday evening's vote by the U.S. Senate to approve legislation (S. 5) promoting the destruction of human embryos for federally funded stem cell research.

The Senate voted for the bill 63 to 34. At the same time, S. 30, a bill to promote alternative ways to pursue stem cell research without harming human embryos, was also approved, 70 to 28...

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Israeli Museum Promotes Communist Propaganda

Jerusalem, Apr. 12, 2007 ( - The Vatican's representative in Israeli is threatening to boycott a Holocaust commemoration ceremony because of a public attack on Pope Pius XII.

Archbishop Antonio Franco, the apostolic nuncio in the Holy Land, has lodged a strong objection against the display of a photo of Pope Pius XII, with a caption that suggests the Pope was indifferent to the suffering of Jews under the Nazi regime, at Yad Vashem, the Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem. The caption claims that the wartime Pope refused to sign a statement condemning the Holocaust, and "maintained his neutrality throughout the war."

In a private letter to the head of the Yad Vashem museum, suggesting that either the photo should be removed from a new exhibit, or the caption should be corrected to provide a more balanced perspective. As it stands, he said, the caption does not reflect the weight of historical evidence, which shows that Pope Pius worked actively to protect Jews from the Nazi extermination drive....

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: As I clearly pointed out in a previous post, this kind of anti-Catholic rhetoric is known and established Communist propaganda. It's kind of odd that an Israeli museum would promote KGB lies, but as they say, the truth is stranger than fiction.

Hating Christianity out of Nostalgia for Paganism

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Once in a while a clear voice can be heard crying in the wilderness. Out of Europe comes that voice in our generation, but it has fallen on deaf ears. Americans would do well to listen...

Vittorio Messori Has Had Enough!

(POSTED April 11, 2007, Where’s the protest?! Where’s the outrage?! We’ve all asked the question a thousand times but with precious little by way of satisfaction, until now. Amidst the chillingly rapid de-Christianization of Europe, an alarum sounded last month in the Italian daily “La Stampa” that rocked the EU. Veteran journalist Vittorio Messori denounced the World Health Organization, Masonic groups, gay rights organizations, and pharmaceutical companies as anti-Catholic “lobbies” which “hate Christianity out of nostalgia for paganism.” Everybody got that? Let’s not be confused as to who the haters are!

Messori’s bombshell concluded with the following observation:

Sometimes I have the impression that the Pope is a general without troops. Today we are witnessing a kind of hidden schism among believers who, without publicly showing it, in private do not obey the moral norms of the Church. They are people who, if you ask them, say they are Catholic, they even go to Mass, but they do not follow the directives on sexual and family ethics. This includes everything from the use of contraceptives to the acceptance of divorce, living together outside marriage, homosexuality and even abortion.

Nothing new here, of course, but for a powerful European pundit to go on the record with it, and in a major newspaper – well, it’s about time. God bless Vittorio Messori!

There is one aspect of the statement, however, that could stand further scrutiny: It may be true that the Pope is a now general without troops, but this was not always so. Pioneer traditionalists can attest to the fact that just the opposite was true, even as late as 1965. The Church had plenty of troops; it was the generals who’d surrendered.

For the past half century, the Church’s high command engaged in what amounted to massive troops withdrawal, as they in effect rescinded the only marching orders that matter. Talk of Death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell was systematically replaced by that of Dignity, Tolerance, Universal Salvation and the claim that if Hell exists, probably nobody’s in it. For almost forty years, the generals stood on a battlefield they themselves had surrendered, reassuring growing stacks of corpses that a new springtime had come. No wonder the few remaining troops finally went over the wall! It was sheer madness!

To this day, some generals might vigorously oppose abortion, for example, but no longer is it publicly contended that abortion is a mortal sin which, if left unrepented, carries with it the penalty of automatic excommunication and everlasting damnation. Instead, the rhetoric dissolved into PC platitudes about abortion’s threat to the dignity of the human person. Not exactly the stuff on which crusades are launched. Such surrenders put the crusaders—the troops—out of a job!


Marching Orders from the Knights of Columbus

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Knights of Columbus have announced a weekly podcast on their website. 'The Catholic Knight' blog will provide a permenant link to this feature in the menu bar to the right.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Media Hypocrites Hang Imus - Applaud Anti-Catholics

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Now I'm no Don Imus fan. To be quite honest with you, I really can't stand his show, and I really don't care that he's being pulled off the air. I heard the comments he made, as they were played on evening news over and over again. Really, I don't think there is anything about this issue that is news worthy. The only reason why I mention it here is to call attention to a good point made by the Catholic League on the subject...


Catholic League president Bill Donohue commented today on the way Catholic bashers are treated as compared to Don Imus:

“Two years ago, Penn Jillette (of the comedy team Penn and Teller) went on Showtime calling Mother Teresa ‘Mother F—king Teresa’ and called the nuns who worked with her ‘f—king c—ts.’ Showtime is owned by Viacom and that is why I wrote to its chief, Sumner Redstone, to register a complaint. He wrote back extolling the merits of ‘artistic freedom’ and ‘tolerance.’ Last year, on Viacom-owned CBS radio, Jillette said Mother Teresa ‘had this weird kink that I think was sexual,’ compared the saintly nun to Charles Manson and said she ‘got her [sexual] kicks watching people suffer and die.’ Again, nothing was done about this.

“In 2005, Bill Maher went on HBO at the time of the death of Pope John Paul II and said, ‘For those who could not make the funeral, the Vatican has asked that in lieu of flowers, just stop touching your d—k.’ He also said that the whole story of Jesus, the Virgin Mary and the Resurrection was ‘grafted from paganism’; he ended by mocking the death of the pope and the upcoming conclave. The letter I received from HBO said that ‘it’s a free country, and people are free to say silly things—even on HBO.’

“Right before Easter, the Catholic League protested the chocolate Jesus with his genitals exposed that was to be shown in the art gallery of the Roger Smith Hotel in midtown Manhattan (located on street level, the public was invited to eat him). Air America radio co-host Cenk Uygur, writing on ‘The Huffington Post,’ said, ‘So is the argument that Jesus didn’t have a d—k? Or were people offended because it was too big? Too Small? Too immaculate? Not immaculate enough?’ Regarding Imus’s remark, Uygur called it ‘derogatory and insulting.’

“Similarly, Joan Walsh on said the chocolate Jesus was not ‘a big deal,’ and advised people not to go see it if they didn’t like it. She has now called on Imus to be fired. Even New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg said ‘don’t pay any attention’ to the chocolate Jesus, but he now finds it necessary to brand Imus’ comments ‘repugnant.’

“In other words, Catholic bashing is humorous and an exercise in liberty. Racism is awful. Bigotry, then, is neither good nor bad—it just depends who the target is.”


The Pope is a Threat to Islam

By Micah Halpern | April 9, 2007

It has been confirmed by the Vatican.

Pope Benedict XVI wrote a letter to the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei on behalf of the fifteen British sailors and marines taken captive by Iran. Writing this letter to Iran's Muslim leader was a very bold move on the part of the world's leading Catholic.

Evil incarnate is the way the Muslim world views the Catholic Pope. The Muslim world in general and Iran specifically have deemed the Pope the most dangerous leader on our planet. The Western world pales in comparison. The United States is a mere trifling annoyance. Israel is a speck on the Muslim hatred meter when compared to the Catholic Pope.

The Pope is a threat to Islam.

Unlike other Western leaders who, according to present day Muslim theological thought, might be misled by Western ideas and thoughts and whose followers are secular, the Pope is the leader of the behaviors and attitudes of nearly a billion and a half religious people across the globe. The Pope's people are fervent in their belief and their belief and their teachings are very different from Muslim belief and teachings. Muslim fear of and hatred for Catholicism is not new. In Muslim historical memory the horrors of the Crusades are still palpable. The indignity thrust upon Islam when Christians arrived at their doorstep in order to convert them and rule over them and dictate to them and control their holy sites still reverberates throughout the Muslim world...

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How To: Gregorian Chant

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: All across the United States and Canada, in places just like this Alabama church, Catholic choirs are training in the beautiful simplicity of Gregorian chant. Pope Benedict XVI called for the return of Gregorian Chant in his recent apostolic exhortation Sacramentum Caritatis. If your church choir hasn't already started training, better tell them to get on the ball.
"Finally, while respecting various styles and different and highly praiseworthy traditions, I desire, in accordance with the request advanced by the Synod Fathers, that Gregorian chant be suitably esteemed and employed as the chant proper to the Roman liturgy."
-- Sacramentum Caritatis:42

Freedom of Religion Threatened in Oregon

Oregon Senate Bill to Impose Gay Agenda on Churches, Schools, Businesses
Evangelical leaders warn it will have the effect of outlawing criticism of homosexual lifestyle.

By Hilary White

SALEM, April 10, 2007 ( – Oregon’s Senate Bill 2, adding “sexual orientation” to the list of specially protected minorities, is being denounced by Christian and others traditionally minded leaders who warn it will allow homosexual activists to impose their moral perspective on the state and on churches.

David Crowe, of Restore America said if the bill passes, “(it) will limit your free speech rights and rights of conscience; require public schools to teach that homosexual/lesbian/bisexual behaviour is 'okay' and 'moral'; impact your rights as a business owner; and put judges in authority on certain church matters.”

The bill proposes to define those active in homosexual activity as a protected civil rights group using the term “sexual orientation.” Although it contains a so-called “church exemption,” evangelical leaders warn that it will have the effect of outlawing criticism of the homosexual lifestyle...

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sex-Abuse Scandal Caused By 'Lack of Catholicism' In the US Catholic Church

Apr. 10, 2007 ( - The sex-abuse crisis within the Catholic Church was brought on in large part by a collapse in the traditions of ascetical discipline, especially among the clergy. That is the argument of an important book about the crisis, and after years of research on the topic, I find that argument persuasive.

Just over one year ago, the Linacre Institute released After Ascetism: Sex, Prayer, and Deviant Priests. Regrettably, the book has received little public attention-- certainly nowhere near the attention it deserves.

Perhaps this is understandable. The secular media, which have done so much to expose the failings of the Catholic clergy, have little interest in promoting traditional Catholic spirituality. So we couldn't expect the media to recognize the value of After Asceticism.

Church leaders should have snapped up the Linacre Institute's argument. Bishops, religious superiors, and seminar rectors should have recognized an important argument on the proper formation of priests. They did not, and that fact should tell us that something was amiss. But then, we already had plenty of evidence on that score!

read full story here

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Yes, you read that headline right. The sex-abuse scandal in the US Catholic Church was caused by a general lack of Catholicism in the US Catholic Church. If Catholic clergy had just been well, "more Catholic," none of this would have ever happened.

The problem is generally an American one, though there is evidence of it in other parts of the western Church as well. Some have blamed Vatican II for the woes of western Catholicism, but these problems are not as prevalent in the eastern Church, which Vatican II affects equally. So the problem was not Vatican II. The problem was how Vatican II was implemented in the western Church -- specifically in North America, and particularly in the United States.

Western Catholic bishops, for the most part, interpreted Vatican II in a very liberal and radical way. Rather than seeing Vatican II in its proper context, as flowing from the historic tradition of the Catholic Church, western bishops tended to view Vatican II as a watershed event, which repudiated historic Catholic tradition. As a consequence, western bishops (for the most part) tried to recreate Catholicism in a whole new image. Time honored historic traditions were cast aside. New traditions were created out of thin air -- some of them from non-Christian sources. Moral teachings were pushed to lesser importance, while historic Catholic teachings on social justice were twisted into a kind of Church sanctioned socialism. Nowhere is this more evident than in the "Liberation Theology," repudiated by the Vatican, after being popularized in Central and South America.

The hand of Marxism weighed heavily on the western Church during the decades following Vatican II, while simultaneously, the eastern Catholic Church triumphed over Marxism in eastern Europe. Again, this goes back to the interpretation of Vatican II. Eastern Catholics interpreted Vatican II in the context of historic Catholic tradition. They saw the reforms of Vatican II as naturally following those from the Council of Trent in 1545 and Vatican I in 1869. There was no sense of rupture in Catholic Tradition in the eastern Church. As a result, eastern Catholicism triumphed over the Marxist forces of Soviet communism. In the west, however, where historic traditions was cast aside in the "spirit of Vatican II," the Church easily succumbed to Marxist influences and other liberal ideologies.

There is only one way to rescue western Catholicism, and that is to return to the time-honored historic traditions that once made the western Church strong. This must be done to truly fulfill the "spirit of Vatican II" which never sought to disrupted the flow of historic Catholic tradition from one generation to the next. A return to historic Catholic tradition will bring about the ascetical discipline needed to restore the integrity of the Catholic priesthood in the western world.

Monday, April 9, 2007

15 British Hostages Freed By Pope's Letter

Vatican, Apr. 9, 2007 ( - Pope Benedict XVI wrote to Iran's spiritual leader, Ayatollah Ali Khameini, to plead for the release of 15 captured British sailors and marines, the Vatican has revealed.

In his letter to the Iranian Islamic leader, the Holy Father asked that the captives be released in time to return home for Easter, saying that this would be "a significant religious gesture."

The British captives were released a few hours after the Pope's letter was delivered....

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: The mainstream dinosaur media would like you to believe the release of the 15 British hostages was the result of Speaker Nancy Pelosi's rogue diplomacy trip to Syria. They would also like you to believe the Iranians are just "nice guys" who are misunderstood. But the reality is that the most likely party responsible for the release of these 15 British hostages is none other than Pope Benedict XVI.

Let's back up half a year. The pope made some controversial comments about Islam, chiding Islamic leaders to PROVE their religion is peaceful and tolerant by making some tangible signs of peace and tolerance in Islamic nations. This was followed by weeks of violent protests by Muslims, accompanied by the murder of priests and nuns, as well as the burning of Catholic churches in Muslim nations. All of these demonstrated exactly what the pope was talking about, and illustrated for the whole world just how warlike and intolerant modern Islam has become. This was then followed by the remarkably successful trip Pope Benedict made to Turkey, marking a historic step toward reunification of the Catholic and Orthodox churches. The pope's quiet and respectful visit to area mosques simply underscored the maturity of Christianity in the face of infantile Muslims unable to cope with any religious views different than their own. Compounded with the negative press Iran has been getting lately, this has been a bad year for Islam, and the Ayatollah Khameini knows it.

So here we are, a half year later, and Pope Benedict writes this letter to Khameini requesting the release of these 15 British hostages before Easter, and how such a move would mark a significant gesture of peace and tolerance. Within hours, Khameini appears to have acted, and the hostages were released. Let's all give three cheers to Pope Benedict for saving the day on this one.

News Media Distorts and Perverts Pope's Easter Message

Staff Reporter of the Sun
April 9, 2007

Pope Benedict XVI provoked a mixture of outrage and sorrow among American Roman Catholics yesterday by his apparent condemnation of military action in Iraq during his traditional Easter address to the crowds assembled in front of the Vatican, which was televised around the world.

His declaration that "nothing positive comes from Iraq, torn apart by continual slaughter as the civil population flees" was seen as an intervention in the political debate that has raged in America about the merits of the Iraq invasion and the Bush administration's subsequent management of the war...

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: All across the dinosaur print and broadcast media, similar sentiments were expressed. The only problem is that none of it is true. The above excerpt is just one example of how the dinosaur media intentionally distorts and perverts the pope's messages on a regular basis.

Pope Benedict XVI said absolutely NOTHING of America's intervention in Iraq in his Easter Sunday message. The above quote is taken out of context and context is everything. Here is what the pope actually said...

How many wounds, how much suffering there is in the world! Natural calamities and human tragedies that cause innumerable victims and enormous material destruction are not lacking. My thoughts go to recent events in Madagascar, in the Solomon Islands, in Latin America and in other regions of the world. I am thinking of the scourge of hunger, of incurable diseases, of terrorism and kidnapping of people, of the thousand faces of violence which some people attempt to justify in the name of religion, of contempt for life, of the violation of human rights and the exploitation of persons. I look with apprehension at the conditions prevailing in several regions of Africa. In Darfur and in the neighbouring countries there is a catastrophic, and sadly to say underestimated, humanitarian situation. In Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of the Congo the violence and looting of the past weeks raises fears for the future of the Congolese democratic process and the reconstruction of the country. In Somalia the renewed fighting has driven away the prospect of peace and worsened a regional crisis, especially with regard to the displacement of populations and the traffic of arms. Zimbabwe is in the grip of a grievous crisis and for this reason the Bishops of that country in a recent document indicated prayer and a shared commitment for the common good as the only way forward.

Likewise the population of East Timor stands in need of reconciliation and peace as it prepares to hold important elections. Elsewhere too, peace is sorely needed: in Sri Lanka only a negotiated solution can put an end to the conflict that causes so much bloodshed; Afghanistan is marked by growing unrest and instability; In the Middle East, besides some signs of hope in the dialogue between Israel and the Palestinian authority, nothing positive comes from Iraq, torn apart by continual slaughter as the civil population flees. In Lebanon the paralysis of the country’s political institutions threatens the role that the country is called to play in the Middle East and puts its future seriously in jeopardy. Finally, I cannot forget the difficulties faced daily by the Christian communities and the exodus of Christians from that blessed Land which is the cradle of our faith. I affectionately renew to these populations the expression of my spiritual closeness.

Here the pope gives a litany of sufferings going on in the world today. Within this litany is a smaller litany, decrying the violence perpetrated by Muslims against their neighbors and each other. This quote in particular is the pope's indictment of radical Islam: "I am thinking of the scourge of hunger, of incurable diseases, of terrorism and kidnapping of people, of the thousand faces of violence which some people attempt to justify in the name of religion." He follows with his litany of examples where Muslims war against their neighbors and each other. Within that litany, and sandwiched between numerous other examples, he cites the following: "nothing positive comes from Iraq, torn apart by continual slaughter as the civil population flees."

The pope said absolutely nothing about America, or American involvement in Iraq. What he did say was that everywhere Muslims are killing each other, and Iraq is no exception. That's the story here, nothing more, and that is exactly what the dinosaur media pundits don't want you to know. They'll look for any opportunity they can get to condemn America's involvement in Iraq, even if it means twisting and perverting the words a pope.

Are Democratic Party Leaders Consorting With Terrorists?

JERUSALEM – It was revealed yesterday a top U.S. Democratic congressman last week met a leader of Egypt's main opposition group, which has strong ties to Hamas and seeks to impose an Islamic theocracy throughout the Middle East and eventually around the world.

The meeting took place just one day after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to Syria last Wednesday against the recommendations of the White House drew widespread domestic criticism and also sharp praise from some Palestinian terror groups.

Visiting House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer met twice on Thursday with the head of the Muslim Brotherhood's parliamentary bloc, Mohammed Saad el-Katatni. One meeting took place at the Egyptian parliament and the second at the home of the U.S. ambassador to Egypt, Brotherhood spokesman Hamdi Hassan said.

The U.S. Embassy in Cairo confirmed the meeting, but would not disclose what was discussed.

The Brotherhood's Hassan said Hoyer discussed with the group developments in the Middle East, the "Brotherhood's vision" and the status of opposition movements in Egypt.

The Brotherhood seeks the overthrow of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's regime and the creation of a region-wide Islamic caliph that would eventually spread around the world. The Hamas terror group, responsible for dozens of suicide bombings in Israel, was founded in 1987 as a military offshoot of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood...

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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Easter Vigil Brings Massive Conversions to the Catholic Church

WASHINGTON (April 3, 2007)—Tens of thousands of people will join the Catholic Church on Holy Saturday, April 7, through the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA).

Many of them, known as catechumens, participated in the Rite of Election with their bishops at the beginning of Lent and will be baptized, confirmed and receive Holy Eucharist for the first time on Holy Saturday. Those known as candidates, who were already baptized but did not receive further catechetical formation, have been pursuing an adapted version of formation and will complete their initiation. Other candidates, who were baptized as members of another Christian community, will be received into full communion with the Catholic Church....

....The 2006 Official Catholic Directory reported 80,817 adults baptized in the Catholic Church and 73,684 coming into full communion the previous year. In addition, there were 943,264 infant baptisms....

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Thursday, April 5, 2007

The Dark Side of Environmentalism

Holy Week for Christians and Jews

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Most educated people know of a connection between the Christian Easter and the Jewish Passover, but few are able to point out exactly where the connections are, and how they're related. For the benefit of my readers, I'll explain here....

Holy Week

For Christians the celebration of Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday, the commemoration of Jesus triumphant entry into Jerusalem. Associated with this event is the cleansing of the temple, in which Jesus cleared the Jerusalem temple from money changers.

For Jews a similar process begins this week in the preparation for passover. Starting on the Sunday before Passover (equivalent of 'Palm Sunday' for Christians) the Jewish home is cleared of all yeast (a Biblical symbol of sin and corruption).

For Christians, the next significant day is Holy Thursday (or "Maundy Thursday") which marks the beginning of the Easter Triduum. Holy Thursday is the Christian equivalent of the Jewish Passover Seder, and this connection is most clearly seen in the Catholic mass of Holy Thursday, which contains many similarities to the Jewish Passover Seder.

The Jewish Passover is the most holy night on the Jewish calendar. It is a time of remembrance of delivery from slavery in Egypt. The Passover actually begins on the 15th of the Jewish month of Nissan, (which usually falls in April), and is not technically over until the following Sunday -- which was historically known as the Feast of First Fruits during the ancient Temple period. So the actual Passover celebration, in its most proper sense, goes from the evening of Nissan 15, (whatever day that may fall on), to the following Sunday. The observance of First Fruits fell into obscurity after the fall of the Second Jerusalem Temple in 70 AD, but is still commemorated as the official last day of the Passover in some Jewish families.

In Christianity the days between Passover and First Fruits take on a much more significant role. Officially known in Latin as the Pascha Triduum (or "three days of Passover"), the English refer to the event as "Easter," a name originating from the Pagan history of the English speaking people. The Pascha (or "Easter") Triduum begins at sundown on Thursday in Holy Week. It is believed that the Passover fell on a Thursday that year Jesus was crucified in Jerusalem some two millennia ago. That's why Christians always begin the Triduum on a Thursday, instead of following the Jewish calendar of allowing the Passover to fall on any day of the week in any given year. In addition, Christians base the calculation of Holy Week on the Gregorian solar calendar, instead of the Jewish lunar calendar, primarily because most Christians no longer have Jewish ancestry. It is believed by some that if you follow the calculation of Holy Week back on both calendars, they will intersect perfectly in the year Jesus was crucified. This is pure speculation of course, but the important thing to remember is that Christians are simulating the Holy Week of the Jews in the year Jesus was crucified. They are not attempting to duplicate, or live by, the Jewish calendar.

The Triduum begins with the Christian version of the Passover Seder, which is most historically connected to the Holy Thursday Mass in the Catholic Church. What follows is Good Friday, commemorating the actual day Jesus Christ was crucified. It is a day of fast and abstinence, and it is the only day of the year when no Catholic masses are celebrated throughout the world. Good Friday is followed by Black Saturday (sometimes called Holy Saturday), in remembrance of the time Jesus' body lay in the tomb. Black Saturday ends with the Pascha Vigilo (or "Easter Vigil") mass on Saturday night, marking the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and of course the Sunday morning mass following, which marks the discovery of this event by the disciples of Jesus. This last celebration on the Christian calendar, corresponds with the Jewish feast of First Fruits, marking the beginning of harvest time during the ancient Temple period.


In both the Jewish and Christian traditions, Holy Week symbolizes the deliverance from bondage and freedom to love and serve God.

To the Jew this symbolism is quite literal, harkening back to the days when Jews were in the bondage of slavery to Egypt. Deliverance came with a hefty price, bringing plagues to the Egyptians, and finally resulting in the death of Egypt's firstborn sons.

To Christians this symbolism takes on a more universal meaning, recalling mankind's bondage to the slavery of sin and death. This deliverance also came with a hefty price -- the death of God's firstborn Son.

To Christians and Jews, the last Sunday of Holy Week represents a new beginning. For the Jew it is the First Fruit of harvest. To the Christian is is the Resurrection of Christ, whom St. Paul calls the First Fruit of God's chosen (1st Corinthians 15:20-23) to rise from the dead.

Mitt Romney Profile

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Like it or not, this man is clearly in the lead, for now, for 2008 Republican Presidential contenders. I thought it would benefit my readers to know a little about him...

Mitt Romney - Republican

Religion - Mormon
Married - yes
Children - 5

Qualifications -- former governor of Massachusetts.

* Now firmly pro-life, despite 2002 tolerance for abortion. (Dec 2006)
* Opposes Roe v Wade, but won't tamper with abortion laws. (Dec 2006)
* Anti-abortion views have "evolved & deepened" while governor. (Jul 2005)
* Vetoed emergency contraception for rape victims. (Jul 2005)
* Vetoed stem cell research bill. (May 2005)
* Endorsed legalization of RU-486. (Mar 2002)
* Personally against abortion, but pro-choice as governor. (Mar 2002)
* For safe, legal abortion since relative's death from illegal. (Oct 1994)

* Marriage is a sacred institution between a man and a woman. (Jan 2007)
* Opposed gay marriage but played fair and upheld law. (Apr 2006)
* Put gay marriage ban into GOP party platform. (Nov 2005)
* Every child deserves a mother and a father. (Sep 2004)
* Supports benefits for gay partners, but not gay marriage. (Sep 2002)
* Sexual orientation should not preclude being a Scout. (Oct 1994)

* Reform sentencing process; appeal too-lenient sentences. (Sep 2002)
* Supports death penalty in heinous murders. (Sep 2002)
* Favored mandatory sentencing and three strikes. (Mar 2002)
* Safe streets will be a campaign theme. (Mar 2002)
* Will bring new businesses to urban areas. (Nov 1994)
* Supports death penalty and "three strikes" sentencing. (Oct 1994)

* Reform underperforming schools or replace with charters. (Sep 2002)
* Supported abolishing the federal Department of Education. (Mar 2002)
* Schools can teach family values, but not religion or prayer. (Aug 1994)
* Supported means-tested vouchers for public & private schools. (Mar 2002)

* Will support assault weapons bill and Brady Bill. (Aug 1994)

* State universal coverage plan is national test case. (Apr 2006)
* Subsidies for health coverage for low-income individuals. (Mar 2002)
* Voluntary purchasing pools. (Mar 2002)

* Address issues so America can remain a superpower. (Dec 2006)
* Faces questions on Mormonism like Kennedy did on Catholicism. (Apr 2006)
* Not seeking re-election as governor; speaking around US. (Apr 2006)
* #8 on Human Events' list of Top Ten RINOs. (Dec 2005)
* Respects Kerry's Vietnam record, but not his Senate record. (Sep 2004)
* Kerry's leadership is 57 varieties; Bush is unwavering. (Sep 2004)
* Experience to lead to prosperity after fiscal mismanagement. (Mar 2002)
* Ran Olympics in spirit of volunteerism. (Mar 2002)
* Dad inspired him to public service. (Mar 2002)
* Aspiring to greatness is its own reward. (Jun 2001)
* Values family, faith, education, sport, & healing. (Jun 2001)

* My pledge: no freeze on tax rollback. (Mar 2002)
* Pledges not to raise taxes. (Nov 1994)

* Withdrawal from Iraq would be a mistake. (Dec 2006)
* Bush gave inadequate rationale for Iraq war. (Nov 2006)

* Vetoed $220K for state-run homelessness projects. (Jul 2005)
* Vetoed studying how MA can overcome federal workfare rules. (Jul 2005)
* Would require welfare recipients to work. (Nov 1994)

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Holy Week Brings Public Attacks Against Catholics

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Clearly there is a growing hostility toward Christianity, and Catholicism in particular, in our secular western culture. During the most holy week on the Christian calendar, Catholics all over the western world found their faith publicly assaulted...


THE Greens have called for the abolition of Catholic schools in Scotland.

The party, who hope to win at least 10 seats at Holyrood, have included moves for Catholic schools to be integrated into a secular state system in their manifesto.

Green leader Robin Harper claimed that having separate schools "tends to divide communities"...

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Connecticut Lawmakers Attack Catholicism at Gay 'Marriage' Hearing

By John-Henry Westen

Brian BrownHARTFORD, April 4, 2007 ( - On March 26, Brian Brown, Executive director of the Family Institute of Connecticut, testified before the judiciary committee of the state legislature in regard to House Bill 7395: An Act Concerning Marriage Equality.

Representative Michael Lawlor, a proponent of homosexual 'marriage' repeatedly asserted falsely that Brown, a Catholic, believed homosexual people were intrinsically evil. Lawlor, joined by Senator Edwin Gomes continued this line of attack even after Brown repeatedly insisted that he agreed with the Catholic Church's position that homosexual acts, and not homosexual persons are intrinsically evil....

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Genoa cathedral defaced; gay activists suspected

Genoa, Apr. 3, 2007 ( - Vandals have defaced the cathedral of Genoa, Italy, in an apparent retaliation after Archbishop Angelo Bagnasco spoke out forcefully against same-sex unions.

The words "Bagnasco shame" were spray-painted across the main entrance to the cathedral of St. Lawrence in Genoa. The words appeared shortly after Archbishop Bagnasco, the president of the Italian bishops' conference, issued a statement opposing the legal recognition of civil unions, and saying that the government's failure to enforce moral norms regarding marriage could open the way to all kinds of perverse relationships...

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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

A Glimmer Of Hope

Something unexpected is happening in Europe. Signs of a re-awakening of the Christian faith are slowly cropping up. We have been reporting on the phenomenon, in bits and pieces, all year.

We covered the increase in female religious vocations in Italy. We summarized an article in the German magazine Der Spiegel headlined “Religion, Born Again.” The article made its case from a worldwide perspective, but added that “there are signs that faith in God” is growing “even” in the West...

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