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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Christianophobia On The Rise

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Personally, I prefer the term "Christophobia" to "Christianophobia," but whatever works. The point is the illiberal Left-wing Secularists hate Christianity almost as much as Islamic fascists do. As they gain more power in Europe, and begin to rise to power in North America, Christians in these areas can expect to see some real persecution in the not-too-distant future. Some of them already are being persecuted economically and socially. Are you ready to be persecuted? I guarantee, those of you reading this will see it come within your lifetime....

(Zenit) - International organizations need to know that being a Christian in Europe sometimes means being the victim of Christianophobia, say the promoters of a new Web site detailing this phenomenon.

The "Europe for Christ!" network launched from Vienna to both explain what Christianophobia is, and to tell how Europeans have experienced it.

"Christianophobia means irrational fear or hatred of Christians, or Christianity in general," explained Gudrun Kugler, founder of the site. "It includes anti-Christian bias, and also manifests itself in the slow marginalization of those confessing the Christian faith."

The site includes cases of mockery or ridiculing of the Christian faith, the removal of Christian symbols from public places, restrictions on wearing symbols of Christian faith, and attacks in movies and television broadcasts.

The site also details the persecution of "politically incorrect" positions intrinsic to the Christian faith, such as the opposition to abortion and gay "marriage." Cases range from people being fired or sentenced to pay a fine...

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