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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Growing Catholic Support For Mike Huckabee

(Catholic Online) - ...So, in what is now a hotly contested Republican Presidential primary, pundits and prognosticators should pay attention to a group of voters that has remained relatively unnoticed.

It appears that this new candidate from Hope, Arkansas does not just speak to evangelicals. His message - and his manner- are beginning to draw the interest of another very large group of Americans.

Catholics are starting to look seriously at this new former Governor from Hope. Many like what they see.

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: In spite of mountains of criticism from his political opponents, the mainstream media, Republican elites in the GOP, and hyper-critical bloggers, Mike Huckabee continues to broaden his base of support. Practicing Catholics, mindful of the Church's teaching on Life and Family, make up one of these fastest growing groups.

In what has clearly become a TWO MAN national race between Mike Huckabee and Mit Romney, practicing Catholics are beginning to gravitate toward the man with the most reliable Pro-Life record (Mike Huckabee), while other Republican hopefuls (Giuliani, Thompson and McCain) continue to flounder in state polls. Huckabee and Romney are either in the lead in state polls, or else they remain poised to steal the lead from all of these other candidates, positioned within one or two points striking distance. Both Huckabee and Romney are on the rise, while everyone else is on the decline. It seems at this point that one of these two men WILL BE the G.O.P nominee. All that remains now is to see which of these two candidates Republican voters prefer.