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Friday, January 4, 2008

Huckabee Election Update #1

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: So far Huckabee has won Iowa (1/4/08). He cannot win New Hampshire (1/8/08). McCain is in the lead there. Huckabee will probably place a strong third in New Hampshire, but if he's diligent and spends a lot of time there, he could steal second place from Mit Romney. In Michigan (1/15/08), Romney and Huckabee are in a statistical tie, repeating the same picture we saw in Iowa. Huckabee stands a very good chance of winning in Michigan. Next comes Nevada (1/19/2008), and this is another state Huckabee cannot win. But on the same day South Carolina holds their Republican primary (1/19/2008). Huckabee is strong in South Carolina, and stands a very good chance of winning there. Following that, there is Florida (1/29/2008), and Huckabee is poised to steal Rudy Giuliani's lead there. Huckabee also places well in other states, but based on the above information, this is how it looks like it could go down for January.

Iowa - Mike Huckabee √
New Hampshire - John McCain
Michigan - Mike Huckabee
Navada - Mit Romney
South Carolina - Mike Huckabee
Florida - Mike Huckabee

Naturally, this is all still a very fluid. Things can change, but based on conservative and reasonable expectations, I think this is pretty accurate.