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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Huckabee Makes Catholic Outreach

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Apparently, presidential candidate Mike Huckabee not only reads books written by Catholic authors, but he quotes them in his speeches as well. After winning the Iowa caucus, Huckabee loosely quoted G.K. Chesterton by saying "in warfare we don't fight because we hate those in front of us, but we fight because we love those behind us." He went on to explain that this is his way of thinking toward his political opponents (i.e. Romney, McCain, Thompson and Giuliani).

Huckabee was a Baptist minister before entering politics. He then served two terms as governor of Arkansas. G.K. Chesterton was a British convert to Catholicism back around the turn of the last century (1900's), and wrote some popular books defending the Catholic faith.

It would seem that Huckabee opponents, along with accomplices in the mainstream media, have tried to prevent a Catholic-Evangelical alliance in this campaign, by associating him with the anti-Catholic remarks of some tele-evangelists who's shows Huckabee has appeared on attempting to reach Evangelical voters. Huckabee has distanced himself from those comments, stating that he doesn't agree with them and does not hold to any anti-Catholic views. He has also addressed this issue directly in an interview with 'Catholic Online' (, pointing out that nearly all of his top campaign advisors are Catholics.

It is interesting that a former Baptist minister would surround himself with Catholic advisors but not surprising. Many Baptists (even Southern Baptists) hold a very favorable view of Catholics, and respect for the Catholic religion, though they themselves do not practice it. Yours truly, 'The Catholic Knight,' personally works with some Southern Baptists, here in the 'Bible Belt' of the USA, who fit this description perfectly. They frequently refer to me as their "Catholic brother in Christ." So I can personally attest to this phenomenon among some Southern Baptists, which is why it doesn't surprise me that Mike Huckabee would follow a similar persuasion.

The bogus anti-Catholic accusations made against Huckabee in this election cycle are strikingly similar to the bogus anti-Catholic accusations made against G.W. Bush in the 2000 election. Back then, political rival John McCain seemed to capitalize on these accusations during the primary season to the point where I started to believe he (or his campaign) was actually behind them. I don't know if the McCain camp has any involvement with these current accusations against Huckabee, but I do find it interesting that this kind of attack appears once again at a time when John McCain is seeking the G.O.P. nomination for president. I'm not accusing him (or his supporters) of anything here, I'm just saying it seems very coincidental. On the other hand, I wouldn't be surprised if this was totally the mainstream media's doing. Somehow that seems like a more plausible theory to me.

Whatever your views are on this, one thing cannot be denied. Mike Huckabee is attempting to reach out to everyone, and this would include both Evangelical and Catholic voters. His appearances at Evangelical churches and tele-evangelist shows make this quite obvious. His interviews with 'Catholic Online,' and speech references quoting popular Catholic authors, demonstrate not only the offer of an olive branch to practicing Catholic voters, but also a willingness to engage in open dialog with them. It will be interesting to watch Huckabee in the coming weeks and months to see where this will take him.

Huckabee's Iowa Victory Speech