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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mike Huckabee Is The Best Catholic On The Ballot

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: 'Catholic Online' is the leading Internet news provider for North American Catholics, and it also happens to be the only Catholic news outlet that has seriously examined the positions of the 2008 U.S. presidential candidates. Their conclusion? Mike Huckabee, a former Baptist minister, is the best 'Catholic' on the ballot!

By that they mean that Mike Huckabee is the only presidential candidate running on either ticket that is most in line with the principles of Catholic social doctrine. It's a conclusion 'The Catholic Knight' came to months ago, and it's feels good to finally be validated.

The message is clear. If a Catholic wants to vote like a Catholic, than the only choice left of all the presidential candidates is Mike Huckabee...
(Catholic Online) - Catholic voters find themselves just as bewildered as other Americans this election year.

Faced with a more colourful line-up of candidates touting a wider array of viewpoints than ever before, an unprecedented number of voters remain undecided.

On the Democratic side, the race for the White House pits the first viable African-American candidate against the first viable female candidate, while the Republican field includes a bona-fide war hero running against a former Baptist preacher, a multi-millionaire business executive, a prime-time TV actor, and a guy who likes to be called “America’s Mayor.”

This time around, however, Catholics have been given extra-help in making wise choices at the ballot box. In a recent document entitled “Forming Consciences for Faithful citizenship” (2007), the US Conference of Catholic Bishops provided the faithful with a voter’s guide that can help them exercise their democratic responsibilities in accordance with the Church’s social teachings.

Of course, the Bishops of the Church offer no detailed social program; they claim no expertise in the finer points of economics or foreign policy. What they do provide, however, is an outline of general moral and social principles, clearly laid out and prioritized in a way that can enable Catholics — and, indeed, all people of good will—to apply those principles to the great issues of the day.

Here is a salutary exercise for every Catholic who wants to cast a well-informed vote this year: go to each candidate’s website, and read over their public statements of where they stand on the issues. Then, immediately after that, read the Bishops’ statement on “Faithful Citizenship.” Compare and contrast what you find.

When this exercise is done fairly and without prejudice, many Catholics will be surprised to discover that the presidential candidate whose viewpoints seem most “in sync” with the Church’s guidance is none other than the most devout Evangelical in the race: Mike Huckabee.

Huckabee has advertised himself during this presidential election as a “Christian [that is, Evangelical Christian] leader,” whose faith “not only informs me, it defines me.”

Then how could he be the most “Catholic” candidate on the ballot? ...

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