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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Romney's Mormon Problem

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: I’ve got no problem with Mit Romney over religion. Naturally, I don’t agree with the Mormon faith, and I have some serious issues with it on a theological level, but when it comes to politics I think a man’s creed is almost irrelevant.

The mainstream media has focused on Romney’s religion like a laser beam, and I believe that is by design, to distract Pro-Life Christians away from his poor record defending the unborn. Basically, Romney says he believes he’s Pro-Life now, but this is after a long history of running on a Pro-Abortion platform in Massachusetts.

One would think that Romney, who served as a bishop in the Mormon Church, would know better. After accepting the endorsement of a Massachusetts Pro-Life organization, he turned on his constituency and adopted a Pro-Abortion position for political gain. It helped him win the governor’s mansion. While there he signed legislation making it easier for women to procure abortions, and topped it off by signing a bill allowing women to obtain abortions with just a $50 co-pay.

Contemplating a run for president of the United States, Romney understood that national Republicans would demand a Pro-Life candidate. So Romney’s views on abortion “evolved” (his word not mine) to a Pro-Life position. He now runs for president in the 2008 election as the only Republican candidate claiming a Pro-Life position, but having a 100% Pro-Abortion record.

No, Romney’s problem as a candidate is not his religion. We shouldn’t mind that he’s a Mormon. We should only wish he were a better one.