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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Catholics Can't Support Pro-Choice Candidates

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: You can't be Catholic and 'Pro-Choice.' The whole 'Pro-Choice' argument is a misnomer anyway, because most women who have abortions feel like they have no choice. Catholicism demands that every human life is precious and must be protected. Voting for a candidate that says abortion is "okay" is like voting for a candidate that says terrorism is "okay." There really is no moral difference when one understands the teachings of the Catholic Church. So-called "Pro-Choice" Catholics are an oxymoron. It's like calling yourself a "Pro-Terrorism Pacifist." The only "choice" these Catholics are making is the choice between Catholicism and apostasy. Choose the "right to abortion" and you've only chosen to flush your Catholicism down the toilet.
( - A statement by the Archbishop of San Antonio, Texas, criticizing Hillary Clinton's speech and rally on a Catholic college campus because of her pro-abortion stance is being cheered by some Catholics and dismissed by others.

In a Feb. 12 statement about Clinton's campaign stop at St. Mary's University, Archbishop Jose Gomez, said: "The Catholic bishops of the United States, in their 2004 document Catholics in Political Life, affirmed that when dealing with political candidates and public office holders, 'The Catholic community and Catholic institutions should not honor those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles. They should not be given awards, honors or platforms which would suggest support for their actions.'"

"Our Catholic institutions must promote the clear understanding of our deep moral convictions on an issue like abortion, an act that the church calls 'an unspeakable crime' and a non-negotiable issue," Gomez said...

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Catholics cannot support 'Pro-Choice' candidates. So that means no Catholic can support Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama and still remain a good Catholic. Simultaneously, no Catholic need support John McCain in this election either. Granted he is the "lesser of three evils" because he opposes abortion-on-demand, but he still permits abortion in some cases, and favors fetal stem-cell research. That means he's not really Pro-Life in spite of his rhetoric. So what it really comes down to in this election is this. A "good Catholic" really can't support any of the frontrunner candidates. It might be permissible to support John McCain, but only by a very narrow margin, and only because the Democrat alternatives are so bad on this issue. Still, if one supports John McCain, one is throwing a vote in favor of abortion in some circumstances, and in favor of fetal stem-cell research. The fact is, "good Catholics" are disenfranchised in this election. They only candidates we can support have very little chance of winning. So what's the American message to Catholics this election season? It's simple. The American message to Catholics this election season is that the only "good Catholic" is a bad Catholic, meaning one who doesn't really follow the moral teachings of the Church.