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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Crusade For Life In the Democratic Party

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Some of my readers will have noticed by now that I've been writing some unusual things lately. My most recent posts outline the most likely way a successful Pro-Life third party might be started, without crippling the Pro-Life movement. I'm sure that raised a few eyebrows.

Now the title of this entry has probably really got you wondering. Well, before you wonder if I've finally lost my marbles, keep in mind that I am a knight, and one thing we knights do best is crusade.

That's right, I'm on a Pro-Life crusade, and this really shouldn't surprise anyone. Catholic knights have been crusading for the unborn for decades now. However, this Catholic Knight (being the blogging junkie that he is) has been watching this presidential election very closely, and I've seen a very disturbing trend.

The Pro-Life movement is in serious jeopardy in this country. In case you haven't been keeping track, the Pro-Life movement has already been dealt a major blow, and I'm afraid its an omen of things to come.

Allow me to explain. Last December the field of Republican candidates displayed a wide assortment. Of the many contenders available, only two were truly Pro-Life. The first was Senator Fred Thompson, and the second was Governor Mike Huckabee. All of the rest were either overtly "Pro-Choice" like Mayor Rudy Giuliani or passively "Pro-Choice" (using Pro-Life rhetoric) like Governor Mitt Romney and Senator John McCain. Thanks to the conservative vote in the Republican Party being split between Thompson, Romney and Huckabee; John McCain was able to skate into first place with just a minority of Republican support. Now he's virtually the nominee. Governor Huckabee remains in the race, hoping to get just enough delegates to force a brokered convention, and I wish him luck. Believe it or not, right now he is the ONLY presidential candidate standing up for the Gospel of Life, and the way things look right now, they may just lock the doors on him at the GOP convention. Huckabee (the only Pro-Life candidate left) is seen by GOP insiders as a "troublemaker" and "outsider." Most Pro-Life voters may not realize it yet, but the Pro-Life movement is in serious trouble. For nearly 30 years we've had the Republican Party in our back pocket. No Republican candidate could even hope to get the nomination without our blessing, and now that's all about to fade away.

Let's just assume for a moment that John McCain actually wins the presidency. What will we have? Well, we will have a passively "Pro-Choice" candidate (who calls himself Pro-Life), who believes abortion should be kept legal in many circumstances, and favors embryonic and fetal stem-cell research. This man has already said he would like to see the Republican Party go back to it's previous platform (before Ronald Reagan) which allowed for abortion. Once elected president, you can be sure he'll work hard to make that happen. If he is elected president, he will have proved that a Republican can be electable to the highest office of the land even with a passively "Pro-Choice" record. In effect, he will have proved to the GOP that the party doesn't need to cater to the will of Pro-Lifers anymore. In effect, the election of John McCain to the presidency may very well do more harm to the Pro-Life movement in this country than the election of Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama could ever do. If McCain gets to the Whitehouse, we may very well see the end of Pro-Life control in the Republican Party.

Because of this, and it may sound crazy to some, I think Pro-Lifers might serve the movement well by making sure John McCain does not become President of the United States. As difficult as it may seem, the movement will be able to keep control of the GOP if it sends a clear message to the leadership by insuring a McCain defeat in November. That message will be simply this. Either give us a REAL Pro-Life candidate, or we'll sink every presidential campaign in the Republican Party for as long as we can.

That's Phase 1 of my crusade. Now enter Phase 2. The second phase involves one of two options, both will be difficult, but we have to start getting people to talk about this now. We've got just a little over four years to prepare. The first option is what I outlined in the last two entries. We could create a Pro-Life centrist party, designed to give a voice to Pro-Life Democrats outside of the Democratic Party. I based this idea on the model of the "Christian Democratic" parties in Europe. Organizing a third party is tough business, and often unsuccessful. I pointed out in the previous entries that the ONLY way to make it work would be two draw voters from both the Left and the Right evenly, otherwise you doom yourself to failure, and cripple the Pro-Life movement by splitting the Pro-Life vote in the Republican Party. Because of the difficulties surrounding this kind of operation it may be untenable, but nevertheless the option had to be outlined. So now enters the second option, which brings us back to the title of this entry. The second option of Phase 2 is to wrestle back control of the Democratic Party.

Okay, before you think I've been smoking something, hear me out. The Pro-Life movement is in trouble, and that in part is the fault of the Pro-Life movement. For nearly 30 years, it has virtually limited itself to one side of the political discourse in this country. By allowing the Republican Party to own our issue exclusively, we've created a situation where we've allowed the Democratic Party to go off the deep end on so many issues -- especially the issue of Life. In doing this, we've allowed the Republicans to control us, by pulling our strings, making us promises they had no intention of keeping. Would it surprise you to know that the power to stop abortions in this country has been within the ability of Congress for over 30 years. Congressman Ron Paul outlines this on his campaign website here. Yet the Congress refused to act - not just the Democratic controlled Congresses, but the Republican controlled Congresses as well. Why is this? Because the abortion issues serves our politicians well, on both sides of the isle. It polarizes the American people perfectly, creating a perpetual divide politicians can use to galvanize their support, and keep them in office for years - even decades. As long as we the people keep fighting over this issue, they the politicians continue to benefit from our hostility. All the while babies keep dying, and would-be mothers feel like they have no "choice" at all.

So Phase 2 of the Catholic Knight's crusade is to get the Pro-Life movement out of the single party business and put it in a position were it can begin to control the debate from BOTH SIDES of the American political system. We need to wrestle control of the Democratic Party away from the extremists in the culture of death. How do we do that? It's simple. We invade!

Yes, leave it to a crusading knight to plan an invasion when our forces have taken a beating and it looks like we're about to retreat. The world tells us to retreat, but the Lord tells us to advance, so let's advance already. Here's how we do it.

First, we don't vote for John McCain this November. Now I would never tell you to vote for a Pro-Abortion politician like Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. So I'm going to advise that we either vote for a Pro-Life third-party candidate, write in Huckabee's name on the ballot, or just don't vote for president this time around. Remember, a vote for McCain is a vote FOR fetal stem-cell research and keeping abortion legal in many cases. Second, we invade the Democratic Party by switching party membership for the next four years, and joining Democrats for Life. Now this doesn't mean you have to vote Democrat, and it certainly doesn't mean you have to give a dime to the DNC. Certainly, you might want to vote for a Democrat if he's Pro-Life, but if he's not, there is no reason why you can't vote for the Republican alternative. So you register as a Democrat, (if you must register in your state), vote only for Pro-Life Democrats (rare as they may come), then you join Democrats for Life, and begin lobbying the DNC to get the party platform changed to a Pro-Life plank.

Yes, it's a little bit crazy, but it can work, and you know at this point we've got nothing to lose. If we punish the GOP this year for compromising on the Pro-Life issue with John McCain, than we'll have them in check for the next four years anyway. You can bet they'll be running a solid Pro-Life candidate in 2012, because they're not going to want to repeat the mistake they made this year and hack off the Pro-Lifers again. Then, while we've got the GOP in check for the next four years, we put a strangle hold on the Democratic Party by implementing phase 2 of the above plan. What do you say? Who will join this knight on this crusade? What's it worth to you? What have you got to lose? Think about it. Then pass this story on to your Pro-Life friends and family.

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