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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Dobson & Huckabee Secret Meeting

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: What were they talking about?...
(NewsMax) - Mike Huckabee left Texas for a speaking gig in Colorado on Friday and spent an hour with one of his biggest fans -- James Dobson, according to a report in the Rocky Mountain News.

Friends with the Focus on the Family founder for 14 years, the Republican candidate did not disclose the details of their conversation -- but did chat about his campaign, outside the nonprofit's headquarters. Dobson also was mum about what they talked about.

Outside, Huckabee knocked McCain, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton...

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Of course this is just speculation on my part, but if I were to give it an educated guess, I would say their discussion included the possibility of creating a third political party, or how they would work to remake the Republican Party over the next four years should John McCain win the nomination but lose the election. Based on Huckabee's comments after the meeting, attacking both the Democratic and Republican frontrunners, I would suspect this to be the case.