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Friday, February 1, 2008

Dr. James Dobson Won't Vote For McCain

UPDATE 8/30/2008: Dobson changes his position on John McCain; says he will vote for him because of Sarah Palin...
(NewsMax) - Call it the Palin effect -- John McCain's choice of Alaska's governor Sarah Palin has motivated many conservatives previously reluctant to support his candidacy to surrender their enthusiastic support.

Notably among them is Dr. James Dobson, the very influential conservative leader, who heads the nationwide Focus on the Family organization. Dr. Dobson, who has flatly declared that he would not vote for McCain now says he will, and attributes his change of mind to the senator's choice of solidly conservative pro-life Gov. Palin to be his running mate.

Earlier this year, Dr. Dobson had announced on the nationally syndicated “The Dennis Prager Show” that he “cannot and will not vote for Senator John McCain.” Friday on Prager's Show, he changed course and announced his enthusiastic support of McCain on the heels of the announcement by McCain of Palin as his vice presidential running mate.

Speaking with Prager, Dr. Dobson said he now feels the same excitement he felt when Ronald Reagan was inaugurated.

"That was one of the most exciting days of my life, because everything that we had hoped for and been working for had come to pass," he told Prager. "I feel very much that way today. Maybe that’s an overstatement. Maybe time won’t validate it, but this is a very exciting and encouraging day for conservatives and pro-family activists. I am just very, very pleased."

Noting that he has become very concerned about the prospects of the very liberal Barack Obama winning the presidency, he told Prager, "So I’ve been moving in John McCain’s direction...

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Here we have the reason why Senator John McCain CANNOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES beat Hillary Clinton or Barack Hussein Obama. He won't get the support of the Religious Right. Evangelicals have a tremendous amount of respect for Dr. James Dobson, and a lot of practicing Catholics like him too. When he says he's NOT going to vote for somebody - people listen. If John McCain can't get Dobson's endorsement, or he can't even get him to stop saying he won't vote for him, then it's over for McCain before it even begins. If Dobson won't vote for McCain, than neither will most Evangelicals, and you could say that about a lot of practicing Catholics too. Without that social-conservative voting block, the election is over, because there is no way the Republican candidate can win without it....
( - While John McCain has risen to the top of the heap among contenders for the Republican presidential nomination, Focus on the Family founder James Dobson remains adamant that he will not support McCain’s bid for the White House.

Dobson, one of the nation’s most influential evangelical Christians, declared more than a year ago that he wouldn't support McCain under any circumstances, saying McCain didn't support traditional marriage values.

A Dobson spokesman told the New York Times’ David Kirkpatrick Wednesday that he stood by that position, and as a matter of conscience could never vote for the Arizona Senator....

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This goes back to what I've been saying on this blog all along. If you settle for a concession candidate (like McCain or Romney) on the Republican side, you'll end up with a Democrat in the Whitehouse this November. If the Republicans want the social-conservative vote this November, (and they can't win without it), than they're going to have to nominate a candidate social-conservatives can get excited about. That requires a candidate with a solid Pro-Life record, and neither McCain nor Romney fit the bill. McCain has a mixed record on abortion and favors embryonic stem-cell research. Romney says he's Pro-Life, but has a 100% Pro-Abortion record from Massachusetts, and says he favors letting states keep abortion legal if they want to. Only one viable candidate on the Republican side remains, who has a solid Pro-Life record, and that's Mike Huckabee. This is it folks. It's either going to be Hillary or Huckabee in the Whitehouse this November. It's one or the other. If Republicans put up a concession candidate (like McCain or Romney) they'll lose the election for sure.

The moral to this story is this. STICK BY YOUR GUNS! Stand up for what you believe in, and if you're going to fail, then fail with your integrity intact. Go down fighting for what you believe in, and never ever settle for second best. If Republicans put the Pro-Life issue on the back-burner, by nominating McCain or Romney, they will only lose everything in the end.