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Thursday, February 28, 2008

John Hagee Is Anti-Catholic

ATTENTION: John Hagee has now apologized to Catholics, and the Catholic Church, for making these anti-Catholic accusations, and has recanted them entirely...
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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: It's called "Dispensation Theology," and it is the biggest culprit behind anti-Catholicism in the Evangelical Protestant world...

Dispensation Theology
The entire structure of the theory itself is unbiblical, it results in extreme zionism, and defies 2000 years of historic Christian tradition. (more explained here) It was invented in the middle 1800s, and popularized by Cyrus I. Scofield, in his 'Scofield Reference Bible.' The premise behind Dispensation Theology is that God deals with mankind differently throughout the ages, and has a different plan of salvation for each epic (or "dispensation") of world history. The theory places primary emphasis on ethnic Jews and the ancient nation of Israel. According to "Dispensationalism" (as it's sometimes called), God is primarily concerned with the nation-state of Israel and the Jewish people. The Church, according to Dispensationalism, is merely an afterthought, a temporary concession to allow Gentiles into heaven, while God prepares to return to Israel and the Jews for the final dispensation of world history. According to the theory, God will end the Church age by a "rapture" in which Jesus Christ secretly returns to earth to snatch away the "true believers" (mainly Evangelicals) while everyone else is "left behind" to suffer the terrors of the "great tribulation" (or Apocalypse) when most of the events of the Book of Revelation are supposed to unfold. It is during this great tribulation when God, according to the theory, will put aside the Church and get back to business with the nation-state of Israel and the ethnic Jewish people. In other words, after the rapture, the world will default back to Old Testament times. Jesus will again appear (for a third time) only after seven years of great tribulation have past. He will then restore the ancient Kingdom of Israel and with the Jews will rule the earth for a thousand years.

Reformation Influence
Along with this unbiblical (and seemingly unchristian) theory, comes a virulent form of anti-Catholicism not seen since the days of the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century. The Catholic Church is often depicted as the "Great Whore of Babylon" of Revelation 17. While this accusation is nothing new, we've been hearing it for five centuries now, it is made anew by the adherents to Dispensation Theology. It is particularly energized by television evangelists like John Hagee, who is certainly not the first to make these claims, but his nationwide popularity gives them a very high podium.

Communist Influence
Hagee compounds an anti-Catholic belief system with common lies about the Catholic Church, some of which were popularized by the Communist Party. One of these lies in particular, was manufactured by the KGB during the Cold War. It was called "Seat 12," and Russian records indicate the plan was hatched at the highest levels of the Soviet Union, to undermine the moral authority of the Catholic Church in Europe, just after the death of Pope Pius XII. The KGB, using their undercover agents in the West, put forward the idea that Pope Pius XII collaborated with Hitler, and was complicit with the Nazis during the Holocaust. The notion first appeared in the West in the form of a controversial play called "The Deputy" written in 1963 by a German named Rolf Hochhuth. The claims were completely unsubstantiated, but that didn't stop the speculation. It eventually culminated in a New York Times bestseller "Hitler's Pope" written by John Cornwell in 1999. The book was criticized by historians all over the world, and soundly refuted by another book called "The Myth of Hitler's Pope," written by a Jewish Rabbi and historian - David G. Dalin. Since then the Vatican has released all the information concerning Pope Pius XII from the secret archives, vindicating his good name, and revealing his successful efforts to save nearly 1 million Jews from the Third Reich. Still, anti-Catholics like John Hagee conveniently gloss over the historical evidence and continue to put forward their communist spawned smear regardless of the facts to the contrary. One would think with John Hagee's supposed high opinion of the Jews, he would listen to one of them who claims a Catholic pope saved nearly 1 million of his people. Judging by Hagee's seeming unwillingness to even acknowledge the existence of such and author and his work, it would appear that Pastor Hagee's love for the Jews only extends to those who agree with his anti-Catholic views.