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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pro-Life Third Party

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: This presidential election cycle has seen serious talk about the creation of a Pro-Life third party. The inevitable nomination of John McCain in the Republican Party will only serve to solidify the resolve of some to make it happen. The chief operatives behind this are mainstream Evangelical leaders, who should not be underestimated. They do have the political clout to make it happen should they decide to take that route.

However, we should take note that the creation of any Pro-Life third party will only siphon votes away from the Republican Party if it presents itself as both socially and fiscally conservative. In effect, if Evangelicals go the ultra-conservative route in the creation of a third party, it will only hurt the Republicans, insuring Democrat victories for the long-term future. The country will end up taking a hard Left turn, further damaging the culture of life, because votes on the Right will be split between Republicans and the new Pro-Life third party.

There is only one recipe for success of the viable third party in American politics - especially a Pro-Life third party. It would have to be a Centrist party -- either Center Right or Center Left. The reason for this is to insure that neither the Republicans nor the Democrats gain an advantage from the creation of a third party. A new third party would have to draw people from both sides of the Left-Right debate. It would have to siphon off just as many Democrats as Republicans.

Evangelical leaders considering a third party are going to have to understand that it's suicide for the Pro-Life movement to go this route if the goal is simply to create an ultra-conservative alternative to the Republican Party. These same Evangelical leaders are going to have to sit down with another group of Christians if they want to create a recipe for success.

Catholics have long been a disenfranchised portion of the American political system. The teachings of the Church call for both social-conservative demands (such as Pro-Life and Pro-Family issues), and yet simultaneously affirm the value of what is often called a fiscal-progressive ideology. All of this aimed at protecting the human dignity of each and every person from the womb to the tomb. Democrats promised Catholics more fiscally-progressive policies than the Church ever called for, and yet told Catholics they had to sell their souls to the goddess of abortion and gay-marriage in order to get it. Republicans rally Catholics to join with Evangelicals in creating a 'culture of life,' but then do nothing to address the economic issues leading many women to have abortions. Clearly, the teachings of the Church call for some kind of combination of what the two parties offer, but not the total agenda of either one. The problem is, so long as these two parties are opposed to each other, virtually no part of either agenda is ever going to be enacted.

If Evangelical leaders want to create a successful third party, without harming the Pro-Life movement, then they're going to have to sit down with the Catholics and put together something similar to the "Christian Democratic Union" in Germany. It would have to be a Center-Right party, that is staunchly Pro-Life and against Gay-Marriage. Because of our American heritage though, it would have to favor gun-rights and oppose gun-control. However, at the same time, it would also have to champion such things as universal healthcare, school choice and greater option for higher learning. It would have to adopt a tax policy like the Fair Tax, which progressively taxes the rich based solely on spending habits, and simultaneously gives option to the poor via tax rebates. In essence, the agenda of this third party would have to focus on the human dignity of each and every person. In other words, it would have to be based on the Pro-Life ethic par excellence. Everything from social matters to fiscal matters would have to be centered on human life and dignity.

Any attempt at a third-party outside of this model will be destined for failure, having disastrous effects on both the country and the Pro-Life movement. A Pro-Life third party would have to be attractive to some Liberal Democrats, as well as some Conservative Republicans. Only a socially-conservative and fiscally-progressive approach would accomplish that.... See a Proposal for a 'Christian Democratic Union USA'