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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Religious Right Is Dead - Enter The New Christian Democracy

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Deacon Keith Fournier has written an excellent article explaining the demise of the "religious right" which helps to explain the current crisis the Republican Party finds itself in this election year. The problem faced by the GOP is infinitesimal compared to the greater problem faced by Christians commonly identified as "social-conservatives" or the "religious right." I highly recommend this article. The lessons I glean from it are as followers...
  1. Christian voters should seek to identify themselves outside of any political party, or any broader politically based movement, such as "conservatism."
  2. Christian voters should be skeptical (even distrustful) of political parties, and their tendency to co-opt Christian voters by couching their party agendas in religious terms. 
  3. Christian voters need to go back to their core values to define who we are, and what we're about.
Deacon Keith Fournier suggested four core pillars upon which a truly Christian social-political movement can be built, outside of any traditional partisan (Republican or Democrat) identity...
  1. The Dignity of Life
  2. The Primacy of the Family
  3. Authentic Human Freedom
  4.  Solidarity with the Poor
Contrary to common belief, Christian voters can hold authentic good-faith positions, on either side of issues commonly associated with one political party or another.  We can do this without compromising the tenets of the Gospel. For example, the following are some issues Christians fall on either side of in good-faith, and in keeping with the teachings of Christianity...
  • Gun Control
  • Universal Healthcare
  • Taxation (higher, lower, method, means, system, etc.)
  • Illegal Immigration
  • etc.
The article explains the rest in more detail. I do hope you will click through to read the whole thing, and perhaps we can use this blog as a forum to discuss Deacon Keith Fournier's ideas more in depth. I invite your comments below.

read the article here