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Monday, March 31, 2008

Alan Keyes' Best Hope - Pope Benedict XVI

( - Two days after the 2004 presidential election, William Portier ran into an acquaintance at the grocery store.

The man was a strong opponent of the Iraq war and had demonstrated against it, but when it came time to vote, he chose not to.

"He said he couldn't vote for (George) Bush because of the war, and he couldn't vote for (John) Kerry because of his support for abortion," said Portier, a professor of religious studies at the University of Dayton in Ohio.

Pope Benedict XVI arrives for his first visit in the United States next month with the country once again in the middle of a heated presidential election.

And while no one believes the pope will speak directly about the November elections during his visit, the tone and focus of his speeches could help influence millions of Catholic voters, many of whom live in key swing states such as Ohio, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, which holds its primary next month.

If Benedict speaks pointedly about abortion, it could give a lift to Republican Sen. John McCain, even though McCain is at odds with the church on at least one key issue: embryonic stem cell research...

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: ....Or it could give a huge bump to Ambassador Alan Keyes, who remains as the ONLY true Pro-Life candidate in the running. John McCain favors abortion in many cases and has voted for fetal stem-cell research. Alan Keyes is a practicing Catholic, so it is reasonable to assume that he will be present at one of the pope's public addresses. If he could manage a private audience with him, (something very hard to do), that would even be better. Regardless, the Keyes campaign should make every effort to connect the former Ambassador's religious faith to this particular papal visit. The connection will gain some play in the media, and that can only help Alan Keyes. The Keyes campaign should also make contact with Catholic Online ( to arrange for a full interview.