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Thursday, March 6, 2008

America's National Creed

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: While the 1st Article of the Bill of Rights guarantees there will be no established national religion in the United States, it simultaneously guarantees that all religions may be practiced freely by those residing within our nation. Having said that, however, the United States does have a national creed. It is the foundation upon which America was built. Without this national creed, there could be no United States. There would be no Constitution, and certainly no Bill of Rights. Without the Bill of Rights, there would be no 1st Article prohibiting the establishment of a national religion.

So how is it that the United States of America could have a national creed, yet simultaneously ban the establishment of a national religion. Well, it's very simple you see. According to the Declaration of Independence, America does have a national creed upon which our nation was founded. But according to the Bill of Rights in the Constitution, you don't have to believe in it.

It's that simple. We have an established creed WITHOUT an enforced religious test. We have a national religion, but no national church. We have no national priests nor ministers. Most importantly, while our founding document does boldly proclaim the national creed of our nation, no American is required to subscribe to it.

So what is America's national creed? To answer that we must look to our nation's founding document - The Declaration of Independence. In it, we will find that our national creed is short, simple and to the point...
  1. All human beings are created equal and endowed by "God" with unalienable rights;
  2. The purpose of government is to secure these rights; and...
  3. No government is just or legitimate if it systematically violates these rights.
The "God" defined by the Declaration is a generic deity - referred to only as the "Creator" and "Nature's God." One could argue that with this kind of generic language, the Declaration is effectively saying "insert your own God here."

Your thoughts?