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Thursday, March 13, 2008


THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: An Archbishop of the Chaldean Catholics has been martyred in Iraq. Killed for his faith in Christ, and for no other reason, this heinous act marks the formal beginning of a new age for Christianity. It is the third age of the Church, and it begins much like the first age - with the blood of martyrs. In this age, the Islamists play the role of the Pagans. Though their faith is different, their actions are the same, for our Lord once said "by their fruits you shall know them." No political statement can account for the murder of a gentle cleric. Nothing can explain this except pure and undiluted hatred for Christ and his Church. The Islamists are demons, and their father is the devil himself. The God they worship has nothing in common with the God of Abraham. Perhaps once they were Muslims, but now they've been twisted into something else. If they would do this to a Catholic archbishop, they would do it to a cardinal, to the pope, and to every single one of the Catholic faithful throughout the world....
(Catholic Online) - The beloved Archbishop of Mosul, Iraq was found dead, another True Martyr in Iraq. Catholic Online pledges our prayer and solidarity to our Chaldean Catholic brothers and sisters in Iraq, in America and throughout the world...

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The Holy Father is scheduled to hold high profile talks with Muslim clerics latter this year. Perhaps a moral alliance can be formed with the true representatives of Islam, to combat these new "pagan" Islamists bent on reigning terror upon the world. If the talks should fail, then the religion of Islam itself will be threatened, as the Islamist errors spread across the world and threaten to pervert the entire Islamic faith. Christians don't need these talks, but Muslims do. They mean more to them than they do to us. Ours is a religion of life. Ours is a religion of peace. Islam has been such at times, and could be such again. But right now a cancer infects the religion, threatening to take it over entirely. Such a takeover will only result in its own self-destruction. For the sake of all Muslims who desire peace, these talks had better produce some results. If they don't, the fate of Islam may be sealed forever.