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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Everything You Need For Catholic Home-Schooling

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: In the wake of the recent California Superior Court decision to ban home-schooling in the state of California, now more than ever the pro-homosexual and christophobic agenda of west coast governments is on display. Recently, California passed legislation forcing public school text books and curriculum to promote homosexuality, and made all public school bathrooms co-ed. Public school teachers were instructed to call little boys by girl names if they so requested, and vice versa. (read more here)

For decades, home-schooling has been the option of choice for Christian parents (of all denominations) who could not afford private or parochial schooling. Christian families found themselves reverting to the one-income household, making whatever sacrifices it took, to educate their children under close parental supervision. Home-schooling networks were formed to provide children social contact through organized sports and play dates. Catholic parents soon jumped on board and formed their own home-schooling academies and networks.

Now all of that is threatened, in California at least, due to the pro-homosexual and christophobic agenda of the California state government. Already Christian parents are targeted for discrimination nationwide due to public laws prohibiting state funding of religious schools in what are known as "Blaine Amendments." Now in the state of California (a trendsetter for the rest of the nation), home-schooling is nearly banned outright, leaving lower income families no choice but to send their children to California public schools where they can be fully indoctrinated (brainwashed) by the pro-homosexual and christophobic agenda of the California state government.

A clarion call should be sounded to all Christian parents in California should the state supreme court decide to cement the superior court's home-schooling decision into state law. If that happens, it will be time for California Christians to pull their children out of public schools and leave the state. Refuge can be sought in many other states more friendly to home-schooling and some even offer a more traditional curriculum in public schools.

That being said however, Christian parents (especially Catholic parents) should realize that the battle for non-biased public education is lost. Even in states that offer more traditional curriculum in public schools, that will change eventually. The National Education Association (NEA) has already announced that it will do everything within it's power to promote the pro-homosexual agenda nationwide. (read more here) So it's time for Christian parents (especially Catholic parents) to make whatever sacrifices it takes to send their children to religious schools or else home-school. The alternative is to send you children to a public school where you will have no guarantees that your children will not be indoctrinated with a pro-homosexual and christophobic agenda. (Remember, by the time parents usually find out what their children are being taught, it's already too late. The damage is already done.)

Home-schooling academies and networks for Evangelical and Protestant children are already well established and promoted nationwide. Therefore, The Catholic Knight wishes to provide home-schooling links for Catholic parents who cannot afford parochial schools....

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