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Monday, March 3, 2008

Tridentine Mass Makes a HUGE Comeback

(New Oxford Review) - In an article in the Washington Post (Nov. 24, 2007) titled "Latin Makes a Comeback: Young Catholics Are Leading a Resurgence of the Traditional Mass," Jacqueline L. Salmon writes that the Tridentine Latin Mass is "catching on among young Catholics.... it is a hit with younger priests and their parishioners." Salmon quotes Ken Wolfe, 34 years of age: "It's the opposite of the cacophony that comes with the [modern] Mass. There's no guitars and handshaking and breaks in the Mass where people talk to each other. [The Tridentine Mass] is a very serious liturgy."

Salmon writes: "Attendance at the Sunday noon Mass at St. John the Beloved in McLean [Va.] has doubled to 400 people since it began celebrating in Latin. Most of the worshipers are under 40, said the Rev. Franklyn McAfee. Younger parishioners 'are more reflective,' McAfee said. 'They want something uplifting when they go to church. They don't want something they can get outside.'"...

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: I can personally testify that it's true. The Tridentine mass in Springfield had over 250 people attend in a chapel packed from front to back. Now that the word is out, I suppose it could be possible to see even more people next week. Many of these people were young. The success of the Tridentine mass all over the world is both a sign and an indictment. It's a sign that there is a real hunger among the laity for authentic Catholic tradition. And it's an indictment of the clergy for failing to provide this tradition (and thus creating the hunger) in the Novus Ordo mass.

I'm afraid the time has come in our parishes for the priests to stand up and be men. I don't say this lightly. It seems to me that the watered-down liturgical culture is the result of modernist ideology taking over our congregations, pushed upon us mainly by feminists and new agers. I'll give you just one example. In a nearby parish a labyrinth was placed into the prayer garden. It's inclusion was the result of a few feminists pushing for it, seeking to create a more modernist expression of Catholic prayer. The thing is as ugly as sin. To make matters worse, nobody uses it. (Perhaps that's a good thing.) It just sits there in the garden, taking up a large amount of space, and looking ugly. (At least they didn't put it in the chapel.) What I'm saying is it's time for the priests to stand up to these people and say "NO." Priests need to tell their congregations the truth, regardless of how painful it may be to some of them. They need to make it clear that we are CATHOLIC, and our spirituality comes from our CATHOLIC tradition. We are not to draw upon eastern innovations or popular culture for our spirituality. We are to draw upon our HISTORY! Priests need to start making it clear that as Catholics we are called to conversion. That means conversion to Catholicism and nothing else. With that, these priests need to start re-introducing the elements of authentic and historical Catholic tradition to the celebration of the liturgy, the prayers of the people, and even the design of the chapel. If they don't, they can expect a massive exodus of youth to the extraordinary Tridentine form of the mass. Should priests start celebrating this extraordinary form in English, as well as Latin, it will spell certain doom for the ordinary Novus Ordo form. The ONLY defense the Novus Ordo liturgy has is to go "retro," and re-introduce a Tridentine style of celebration to the ordinary mass. If Novus Ordo priests don't start doing this soon, their congregations will begin to shrink in the years ahead, and more gray heads will be filling the pews.