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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

WANTED! Pro-Life Democrats for Elections

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Attention Pro-Life Democrats; your country is calling you. The United States is in desperate need of Pro-Life political candidates on the federal, state and local level. The Republicans have held a monopoly on the Pro-Life ticket for too long, and as a result, they've been able to use it as a political football to win votes from people who otherwise wouldn't have voted for them. Simultaneously, the exodus of Pro-Life voters from the Democratic Party, has allowed Pro-Abortion extreme zealots to take firm control of the Democratic Party platform, and introduce anti-family elements of all sorts.

All of this can change, if you, will simply run for office on the following platform...
  1. Pro-Life: totally, oppose abortion, cloning and fetal stem-cell research
  2. Pro-Family: oppose same-sex marriage, allow spouses to sue home-wreckers
  3. School-Choice for all
  4. Universal Healthcare of some kind
  5. Secure US borders - no citizenship for illegals, documentation for all
  6. Welfare Reform that doesn't penalize recipients who work
  7. Finish work in Iraq, but no more unjust wars
The first three planks on this kind of election platform will knock any Republican challenger on his heels. He'll no longer be able to take the moral high ground. His political base will be shaken, as traditional Pro-Life voters will now have to evaluate the Democratic and Republican candidates based on more than just the Pro-Life issue. Using the above platform, sincerely, will gain the support of voters on the religious right, as well as conservative Catholics. A platform like the one above is a WINNING TICKET for any Democratic candidate who is sincere about the planks therein. Dear Pro-Life Democrats, your country is calling you. We need you now. Will you rise to the occasion?