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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Whole Anglican Communion Crumbles Over Gay Policy

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Catholics take note! This is what moral relativism does to a church. The liberal modernist attitudes of Anglicans in England and North America have brought nothing but chaos and destruction to the worldwide Anglican Communion. Were it not for the strong orthodox influence of the pope, the Catholic Church might have been experiencing the same thing by now. If we Catholics want to prevent this kind of chaos from erupting in the Catholic Church, we must move ourselves toward orthodoxy, looking to the Scriptures, our Tradition and our history for guidance. As the Anglicans have demonstrated for us so well, abandoning these time honored principles only results in destruction....
(Catholic Online) – The Archbishop of Canterbury is holding his regular Lambeth Conference this coming summer and already there are reports of empty seats.

Held every ten years, Lambeth hosts senior Anglican leaders who come together to discuss issues facing the Communion. The Anglican Church describes the event as the one occasion when all bishops can meet for worship, study and conversation.

Archbishops, diocesan, assistant and suffragan bishops are all invited to participate in the meeting which lasts 20 days.

This year, Bishops from Nigeria, Uganda, Rwanda Kenya, and Australia have already indicated they will not be present. Some church observers see this as evidence that a mass boycott may actually be imminent.

At the heart of the matter is the church’s disposition toward practicing homosexuals in holy orders and same-sex marriage. Seemingly these problems are not on the list for the summer meeting...

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