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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Will President Bush Choose Next President?

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: While everyone is focused on the candidates in the 2008 presidential election, most people don't realize there is one man who will have more influence on this election than all of the candidates combined. His name is President George W. Bush. His actions between now and November may determine who is elected president.

Keep this in mind. We have a war-hero running as the Republican nominee (Senator John McCain). The Democratic nominee will be one of two junior senators who have no experience in combat (Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton). So long as the country is focused on domestic politics, the Democratic nominee will be favored to win. But if the focus of the country should shift to foreign policy, sometime between now and November, then Senator John McCain will be favored to win. It all depends on what the American people are thinking about most when they go to the polls in November. One man has the power to influence this more than anyone else, and if he does so, it will be by his actions more than his words. I'm not suggesting that Bush would allow a domestic election to influence his foreign policy decisions. I'm just saying that his foreign policy decisions, could very well influence the domestic election. It's just something to think about.