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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Behold The Future - Christians Convert To Islam

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: This is what schism and liberalism has brought us to. When Christians break away from Christ's Catholic Church, to form their own churches, and when Christians of all churches embrace liberalism, or mindless ritualism without a relationship with God, this is what we get...

YES! Believe it or not this is our future. It is the future of both Europe (10 years) and America (20-30 years). When Christians refuse to be united as one, according to the Catholic and Apostolic faith, this is what we get. When Christians embrace all forms of Liberalism, this is what we get. When Christians choose ritualism over allowing the Christian faith to truly convert them, and bring them into a personal relationship with God, this is what we get. This will be the world our children will grow up in.

Militant Secularists are no help. In their stupidity they do everything within their power to deride Christianity, and drive as many people away from the Church as possible. They do so only to their own detriment, because in driving people away from Christianity, they only drive them straight into Islam. This is how the youth will overwhelmingly respond to the spiritual vacuum created by secularism in the not-too-distant future. Currently, some 20 to 30 thousand Americans convert to Islam every year.