Monday, April 21, 2008

Bill Mahar Should Stay On Television

( - After announcing that he was going to apologize to Catholics on Friday night’s show Talking Points, Bill Maher offered no apology or remorse for his statements. Earlier this week, American Life League spearheaded a unified effort among Catholics to cancel HBO subscriptions and have Maher fired.

“Not only did Maher fail to apologize, he stepped up his insult of Pope Benedict XVI by saying that he swore an oath directly to Hitler,” said Judie Brown, president of American Life League. “Maher made no apology and persists in his slander of the pope and the entire Catholic Church, and for that he must be fired.”...

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT believes Judie Brown, of the American Life League, may have the best of intentions, but her solution is wrong. 'The Catholic Knight' sincerely believes anti-Catholics like Bill Maher should stay on television. Why? Because bigots like Maher are perfectly representative of the type of people running the media and entertainment industry.  Believe me, if they didn't feel this way about Catholicism, they would have taken Bill Maher off the air already.  The very fact that Judie Brown (God bless her) has to launch an Internet campaign to get him fired reveals so much about those running the television and cable outlets these days.

The Catholic Knight has a different perspective though.  You see, to fire Bill Maher, or yank his show, would be to leave America's entertainment industry without proper representation to the general public. I say thank God for bigots like Bill Maher. Were it not for people like him, we might never know what Hollywood and the media outlets really think of the pope, Catholicism and Christianity in general. I say keep him on television, and if anything reward him with larger syndication across the major networks. Then sign him some movie deals wherein he can generously ad lib anti-papal and anti-Catholic monologues to his heart's content. Then, and only then, will the media be properly represented, and Catholics across America (and Canada) will finally know what those running the media really think of us.