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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Catholicism vs. Islam

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: The following is another response to Bill Maher's anti-papal and anti-Catholic comments, in relation to insensitive anti-Muslim cartoons published in newspapers...
(Counter Terrorism Blog) - His comments and my insta-reaction induce empathy for Farhana's view that the newspaper editors who re-published the cartoons could and should have shown restraint and not re-published the cartoons. But let's note the difference between the way in which the "Catholic street" treats this episode and the reaction in the "Muslim street" to the cartoons:
  • We didn't riot, didn't burn effigies of Maher in the street, and didn't kill or injure innocent civilians over it;
  • We didn't threaten to kill or injure Maher or any HBO employee, and didn't destroy or threaten to destroy any HBO property around the world;
  • No country in which Catholics are a clear majority, nor the Vatican (the only truly "Catholic nation" left on earth), used the power of the state to protest by initiating or threatening a nationwide boycott; none recalled their ambassadors to the U.S.; none even lodged an official protest. To my knowledge, no country has cut HBO from their cable TV networks.
I'm certainly not saying Catholics are "better people" than Muslims. We have many positive lessons to learn from each other; in this case, Muslims should learn from Catholics the necessity to protest peacefully. (They could also learn that lesson from faithful adherents to Judaism, too, who don't violently protest insults to their faith in the Arab press.)

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'The Catholic Knight' would like to reiterate that I do not believe Bill Maher should be fired or taken off the television. I believe his anti-Catholic bigotry is reflective of the views held by those who own and operate the mainstream entertainment media. If they were not, Maher would have been fired already. To fire Bill Maher now, would only leave the mainstream entertainment media without accurate representation to the general public. We need bigots like Bill Maher on the television to remind us of what the mainstream entertainment media really thinks about Catholics and the Roman Catholic religion. This is why 'The Catholic Knight' has not joined petition efforts to have Bill Maher fired.